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Windows 8 launches first in Asia-Pacific; Microsoft branded ‘Surface’ tablet not coming to SEA

UPDATE: The official #Windows8PH site is now live at

Earlier today Michael Josh of Rapper asked me if I wanted to do a live blog of the Windows 8 launch in Singapore. I had no problem with that as it also made my live coverage so much easier with ScribbleLive. You can view the feed here for a detailed account of what went on earlier this afternoon.


To give you the highlights:

The much awaited Surface tablet will not be making a coming in the Philippines and other parts of Asia except Australia. ‘Surface’ is a Microsoft-made hybrid tablet running Windows 8. This was confirmed earlier by Ms Tracy Fellows, VP for Microsoft Asia Pacific. The main reason (I surmise) is two fold:

a. In the Philippines, Microsoft is not a hardware company. There is no support system for Surface in terms of warranty. If it breaks, who will fix it? The case is similar for the XBOX 360 which is not officially an effort of Microsoft Philippines, but of 3rd party vendors like DataBlitz.

b. Releasing Surface in APAC can curb relationships with the big manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and ACER — all very strong players in the Asean market.

On another note, Christian Bautista is the new brand ambassador for Windows 8. He was chosen for being an all around “Windows guy” and avid gamer. As of this writing he is currently engrossed in Mass Effect 3.

On the XBOX front, the new Windows 8 will have seamless integration with XBOX and the GamerTag. XBOX will now include Music, Video, Games and Smart Glass, which is a technology that gives you added in-game information on your tablet while playing games on your PC / XBOX 360.

Mostly Everything

Samsung announces ATIV line: the first synergy of Windows 8 for tablets, Surface laptop and Windows Phone 8

Very interesting news on Samsung today. The Korean company has been know as the poster boy of Android with their extensive line of tablets and smartphones all powered by Android. Today, they are making history by showing the proof of concept philosophy of Microsoft: the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft has bet their entire farm on this new user experience by unifying all their commercial products (except the XBOX) into a single user experience in the form of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Windows 8 runs on the “Surface” ATIV PC and ATIV PC PRO. It also runs on the ATIV tab. For smartphones, the latest iteration of Windows Phone 8 runs on the new ATIV S.

No pricing as of late but you absolutely need to check these new products out. I’m particularly excited for Microsoft as this is the proof of concept they bet on and the critics have been either hot and cold on this new direction of making software less expensive while investing in hardware. The initial announcement of the Surface tablet by Microsoft left a lot of OEM’s shocked because Microsoft didn’t brand these designs with the stamp of any manufacturer. Looks like Samsung has made good on this one. They’re very pretty.