Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (doesn’t look too serious)

This is the less menacing BSOD from the new Windows 8, where copies are set to retail next month.

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IKEA builds amazing home entertainment system: the UPPLEVA Smart TV line

In Steve Job’s authorized biography, we read that he had finally nailed the future of television. Before he passed on to the next life, he had already laid groundwork for the development of some sort of home entertainment system. I’m reminded of that tidbit today, as IKEA unveils their new line of furniture: an all-in-one home entertainment system sans the ugly wiring.

The IKEA UPPLEVA (which means “Experiencing” in Swedish) is a mesh between furniture and electronics. Here are the specs:

Full HD 1080p SMART LED TV (supplier brand not mentioned but it’s most probably a Samsung!)
Blu-ray Player
2.1 Speaker System where the .1 subwoofer is wireless

For those unfamiliar, since the centerpiece is a SMART TV which means that it is fully upgradable as the years progress. You will be able to remove and replace the processor as well as other components, taking the lead with what Samsung is doing to their line of televisions which seems to be the industry baseline.

Available in 2013.