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SMART Communications has the Samsung Galaxy S3

Confirmed: Tweets were going around the circles of SMART employees. #SMARTGalaxyS3 is in fact real. But it’s different when you see it on SMART’s official Twitter account.

Lots of clues leading up to the announcement. Jean Ong (@jeanong75) of SMART posted this little beauty 2 days ago on Instagram:

… which was then RT’d by the rest of the team.

Then of course @louieang8 had to post more photos.

Exclusive to SMART? Crazy. Apparently the other “telco” has it too. But based on track record, they’re more of a marketing company these days than a telco. Telcos are supposed to have signal. You know where to go.

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Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.5

Last week I asked Nokia if I could have a look at their drool-worthy Lumia 900. As a former Windows Phone user (I had not yet upgraded to the latest Mango 7.5), I was curious to know why the 900 series had won so many industry awards and, after finally getting to hold one in my hands I knew what all the praise was all about. In a nutshell, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone to date. Not only is it top of its class, it readily competes with the top tier smartphones running Android and iOS in terms of speed and power.


Finally! A commercial that captures SMART’s Brand Equity

I’ve been a loyal SMART subscriber for more than 8 long years and I’ve always seen them as the better network (which is also why I chose to work with them). This commercial finally captures their brand equity.

I wouldn’t have stuck with them for this long if their service was crap.

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P50.00 a day can get you a Netbook and Home Internet

Yesterday we asked you how far your P50.00 a day could go. We mostly talked about apps you can download from the iTunes store but really, an app is an app … is an app! So the word’s out today. The PLDT-Smart group have released a new home office promo which sounds mighty attractive: for PHP 50.00 a day you can get WiMax in your home plus a Neo Netbook.

Here are the plans:

PHP 999 Canopy / Wimax + PHP 500 = Php 1,499 / mo for a Neo Netbook
PHP 999 Canopy / Wimax + PHP 800 = Php 1,799 / mo for an Acer Netbook

For more details you can follow @PLDThome on Twitter and check out their unlimited Internet + Netbook bundle.

This is a steal if you’re really on a budget but need to get a home workstation going as soon as possible. We have no word about the exact model of the netbooks but I will surmise that it is probably one of these. I have had the opportunity to review Neo-branded netbooks and generally speaking, they perform at par with other brands. You also get that added patriotic flag for choosing Pinoy-made!

Do yourself a favor: if you think this this promo is epic, do inquire first about the signal strength in your area. At everything constant, the 2Mbps signal is pretty stable and enough to get you through all your Internet needs.

N.B. PLDT is an advertiser on this blog.

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My Year in Photos

Wow what a year. Just being at the cusp of a new year makes me realize how short time is, yet the irony of also realizing how you’ve actually done a lot in the past 365 days. To my friends and family, thank you for everything and may the new year greet us with one big bro-fist!