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The Great Microwarehouse Sale (2012 Edition) will carry more than just gadgets!

June 16-17 2012 at the Decagon Silver City.
Doors to the public open at 12 noon on the 16th.
The Great Microwarehouse Sale Facebook Page

Talked to the head honchos of Microwarehouse and they’ve really excited for this year’s sale. Let me tell you what they aren’t showing in the poster:

1. Doors to the public open at 12 noon. However, the doors will be open at 10AM exclusively for those who bear the “Elite Geek” mark (which is essentially a QR code). This status is given to customers of the previous sales who spend more than PHP 100,000.00 during these events. This means that they will have first dibs to the glorious pieces of technology that Microwarehouse will be displaying. If you by chance decide to spend over a hundred grand this weekend, you will be entitled first dibs for the Christmas sale which will happen in December. In addition to this, the guys from Microwarehouse are hell bent on giving “Elite Geeks” (yes that’s really what you call them) bigger discounts on top of the sale prices.

2. Exciting stuff: GoPro will be participating in the sale. These are the best adventure cameras in the market. For cycling. For SCUBA diving. For snorkeling and surfing.

3. Microwarehouse will also be bringing in the big TV brands (clues in the poster!). They will be selling 55″-80″ LED and Plasma flat screens and living room hi-fi sets. Deferred payments accepted! Credit cards accepted! Say goodbye to savings!

4. One huge difference this year is that there will be a huge selection of home appliances with the price tags given the Microwarehouse sale thumbs up! Buy a refrigerator for you … and an iMac for your wife. LOL.

So that’s it! That’s Father’s Day weekend in case you forgot so if you’re still planning what to do for Father’s Day for the entire family, spend it at Silver City or somewhere nearby then “accidentally” head on over to the Great Microwarehouse Sale and get your loved one a new 80″ Plasma TV!