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TAG Linens Mothers Day Promo: Cool and Affordable Bed Linens!!

I’m really happy for my good friend Riane – she’s put up an amazing bed linen business. None of those boring sheets here. Tag Linens is very generous with what they offer – you get a complete bed linen set: comforter cover and cover for two pillows (who sleeps with just one pillow anyway?!). So what you basically get are linens designed by my friend at really affordable prices because what you would have used to buy just a comforter also gets your two pillow cases! The easy guide to Tag Linens and price list can be found here or here!

Here are photos of the first collection of bed linens. Now from May 6 to 24, Tag Linens is offering a special Mothers Day promotional discount:

Delivery takes one to three days but if you live in the beautiful south like me (BF Homes, Las Pinas, Sucat, Alabang, etc) then she can deliver within the day!