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Eraserheads Reunion Concert Confirmed for August 30 2008

Unconfirmed Update: Entrance is supposedly free as long as you present 20 packs of cigs. The sponsor is Philip Morris.

What else is there to be said, but it has definitely been confirmed! The buzz has blossomed throughout the blogosphere, radio stations and the news – everyone is excited to see the Eraserheads back for a one night only concert at the CCP grounds.

Over the weekend, the buzz was finally confirmed, thanks to one of The Philippine STAR entertainment editor and writer Ricky Lo’s moles: the Eraserheads are going to reunite for a one night only show on August 30, 2008! The venue is supposed to be the Cultural Center of the Philippines open grounds. The other details are still sketchy, but from what I gathered during my own online sleuthing—made easy because the blog posts were careful to cite references—a corporate sponsor convinced the foursome to perform for a big event that’s supposedly free to some 35,000 expected fans.[PhilStar author’s blog]

I heard over one radio station that the concert would be free admission but I sincerely hope they charge -imagine a free Eheads concert – folks are going to be camped outside CCP. I’m probably the last to be updated on concert news anyway so don’t take my word for it.

But yeah, I’d really want to be there. Learned a lot of guitar from their hits back in high school.