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Nikon D7000 Hugyfot Housing Prototype

Logged into Facebook and saw this prototype underwater housing for the Nikon D7000 made by Hugyfot. It seems to come in the same curved design like all of Hugy’s housings. Sled mounted housing is a big deal — at least you get the entire camera in without having to worry if didn’t put it in right.

Attached you’ll find some CAD/CAD pictures of the new Hugyfot housing for the Nikon D7000.
The housing will be equipped with some new features besides the HugyCheck system (standard on all housings):

– sled mounting system that replaced the classic camera support
– fiber optic connection for fiber optic controlled TTL strobes
– dovetail mounting system for handles
– HDMI in/out for external monitor

We expect the first working prototypes to be ready early January 2011.