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SMART Netphone Pricing for Postpaid and Prepaid

Well here it is! The moment you’ve been waiting for — NETPHONE PRICING SCHEMES! The first Netphone will be available on both prepaid and postpaid plans. You can hop on to for all the details but to sum up everything:

This is the list of plans on postpaid. And here is the list of daily and monthly “bite sized” plans for data.

If you look closely, there is an obvious “sweet spot” in the pricing scheme under the “all-in” unlimited monthly data for PHP 999 a month as apart from unlimited IM and social stream usage (that’s SmartNet, Facebook and Twitter), you also get 3,500 SMS messages and 200 minutes of voice calls. Insane. I’d change my 8 year old plan if I could.

If you’ve all been curious as to what exactly the Netphone can do, there’s a guided tour on the Netphone site.

Mostly Everything

Starcraft II prepaid cards are now available

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is one of the most expensive retail box games to ever be sold. It costs PHP 3,500.00 and that’s already considerable cheaper than the regional pricing in other countries. The price is a barrier for students who want to enjoy Starcraft II as a platform for the new DoTA. So Blizzard SEA has issued prepaid cards allowing you to enjoy a legit copy of SCII from your home. More info here.

3 Day Pass — PHP 50.00
7 Day Pass — PHP 100.00
30 Day Pass — PHP 350.00

You can buy these in Datablitz and in these other establishments.