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An Outback Treat for Mother’s Day!

Need I remind you that it is Mother’s Day this Sunday? Treat your mom (or that special mommy figure in your life) to Outback Steak House. Dine with mom and get the following free:

– P500 gift voucher for your next visit (reservations made before May 8 2014)
– a free photo w/ frame on the 11th when you dine in!
– a free gift from The Body Shop for the first 150 guests on Mother’s Day

Check out the full promo poster after the jump.


Spotify launches in the Philippines; Premium Access for PHP 129 / mo

Surprise! I’ve been using Spotify Premium since February!

Before April 8, going to the Spotify website would give you a “Spotify is not available in your country” message (unless you’re using a proxy of course). Well, not anymore! Spotify officially launches in the Philippines today, at 11:00 AM with Premium Access for PHP 129.00 a month payable via credit card or PayPal. The soft launch done by Coca Cola Philippines gives you access to the desktop versions of Spotify. Today, you can now download the Spotify app from the local iTunes store and the Google Play Store.


Spotify for Android

Spotify for iOS

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Crumpler Cobram Outpost: Efficient compact camera storage for underwater photograhy

A good camera bag is like the best pair of jeans you can own: comfy, rustic and beat up. You know you’re in love with photography when your camera bag has absorbed the dust and flavors of the sojourn, much like how a cast-iron skillet cooks with the spices of the last hundred meals.

That being said, the Cobram Outpost is part of my lifestyle regimen to make the logistics of underwater photography more bearable. This 2014, I’ve been shooting exclusively with Sony’s RX-100 Mk II and I still can’t stop hankering as to how I’m enjoying myself a lot more with the upgrade in technology and the downgrade in size. Lugging around more than 5 lbs of equipment that was not SCUBA gear can be a huge impediment so the move to a compact camera was a welcome one.


Hands on with the Sony Playstation 4 (Full article in Today’s Manila Bulletin’s Tech News Section)

An excerpt from my article today for Manila Bulletin’s Tech News section, an in depth view of the PS4 from its hardware to the advantages of a Playstation Plus subscription


ASUS announces Transformer Pad TF701 and Transformer Book Trio (Dual Boots to Android)

Two things from ASUS in Manila: the Tranformer Pad TF701 and the Transformer Book Trio. The former is your Windows 8 tablet / notebook with the removable keyboard while the latter is your dual-book Windows / Android device. It’s a notebook running Windows, a tablet running Windows and an Android device running v4.2. “Dual boot” doesn’t mean you have to restart your computer: the dedicated ‘Trio’ key allows you to switch between operating systems while sharing the same file system. Gadzooks! Now that’s a feature!

The ASUS TF701T is available at Php 27,995 and the ASUS Transformer Book Trio is available at Php 49,995 for the i5 configuration and at Php 54,995 for the i7 configuration.