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October 5, 9:00PM: Special Laglag Panty (at Bra) Rockeoke Night


This is absolutely brilliant. I’m just reposting the whole thing!

Because you’ve always wanted to throw your undies at a rockstar.

From Facebook Events:

With close to a million people still in evacuation centers a week after Ondoy , there is an urgent need to provide female victims of Typhoon Ondoy with feminine clothes and products.

There have been numerous appeals to provide underwear and sanitary pads to those most affected.

Rockeoke:Laglag Panty (and Bra) seeks to raise funds and donations to purchase women’s underwear.

How does it work? On top of our standard Rockeoke mechanics (pick a song from the list/sign up/join us on stage), each table shall be given a writing implement + board and shall be asked to pledge underwear after every performance. The more intense the performance (in other words, nakakalaglag panty), the more underwear the table should pledge.

To make things interesting, you guys can bring underwear of your own (preferably not soiled and in pristine pre-bacon condition) and THROW em at the performers. Now that’s Rock and Roll!

The winner of this mock sing-off shall be bestowed with the Bacon Briefs Award and of course, bragging rights.

After all, marami kang pinalaglag na panty.

The Johnny’s will play on that night. Which means you can sing the following *NEW-ISH* songs

– Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon (HUZZAH!!!)
– The More You Ignore Me by Morissey (OH YEAH!!!)
– Some Like it Hot by Powerstation (AWESOME!!!)
– Pokerface by Lady Gaga (BOOYAH!!!)

You can view the rest of Monday’s playlist by checking out

As always, we encourage people to reserve a table in advance. MAG:NET High Street opens at 10AM on Monday to take in your reservations. Call us at 8563400 or you may use our online reservation service at

hope you can make it =)

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Splashpress Media’s efforts and more ways to help

There was an incessant exchange of emails between my publisher, myself and Angelo the other day, pondering on how Splashpress Media can help out in the Ondoy typhoon aftermath.

We joined in with Mike Villar’s Philippine Aid efforts. Great job, Mike!

Click on the “copy” tab to get the code to embed on your blogs.

We are also conducting a network-wide fund drive and to supplement this, have also developed a couple of badges (thanks to Angelo) which you can attach onto your own blogs that directly link to donation pages. We’re running this across our network and it would be great too if our friends in the blogosphpere can help out.

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Volunteers! HELP: Plotting out Ondoy emergency areas


For those of you who are stuck at home and have Internet connection, it would be much appreciated if you could help update this spreadsheet. The Typhoon Ondoy Mapping Team is a group of volunteers who are marking affected areas via Google Maps. The form is very easy to use. It provides very good context on the location and situation of affected areas and victims.

Please pass the links along and help update. Be sure to check for double entries before posting.

Link to the actual map:

Link to the team and how to use:

Here’s Google’s Official Response:

Responding to Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines

We are very saddened by the loss of life and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in Metro Manila and nearby areas caused by Typhoon Ondoy. To increase awareness of how Filipinos at home and overseas can stay up to date and aid in relief efforts, dozens of Google volunteers around the world have been working throughout the weekend and today to compile information about the disaster on this site:

The site contains a volunteer-maintained map of flood updates and persons needing rescue, the latest news from local media sources, a list of verified donation sites and emergency hotlines. It is also linked from to give easy access to the 25 million Internet users in the Philippines and many more around the world.

Our effort is but one of many being organized by countless individuals and organizations across the country in the spirit of bayanihan, to help those affected by this disaster as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.


This information is being used in conjunction with the big networks GMA and ABS-CBN to help locate missing people and send food and other supplies.

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Google Spreadsheet for ‘Ondoy’ Drop Off Zones

This is the link to the Disaster Relief Google Spreadsheet that is being compiled by volunteers, bloggers, NGO’s and citizens who are keeping a vigilant watch over the airwaves. The list compiles relief drop off points, private efforts, hotline numbers and establishments that have opened their doors to accommodate relief goods. Please scan through the document first before adding to prevent duplication.

This spreadsheet is open to the public. It is very comprehensive. Please share the link to everyone.

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Red Cross Load Donations: The easiest way to help

UPDATE: Here is a complete spreadsheet of all the drop off / donation centers if you wish to help. Thanks to Nina Terol for spreading this.

Right now the easiest way to make donations from the seat of your chair is via mobile phone load. The Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations. Send RED to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (SMART).

Here are other pertinent numbers which you can spread around.

Rescue Operations
1. National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) (+632-9125668, +632-9111406, +632-9115061)
2. Red Cross (143, +632-5270000)
3. MMDA (136)
4. Coast Guard (+632-5276136
5. Senator Dick Gordon (+639178997898, +63938-444BOYS)
6. Senator Manny Villar (+639174226800. +639172414864, +639276751981)

Rubber Boat Requests
1. NCRPO (+632-8383203, +632-8383354)

Relief Operations
1. Clare Amador (+63928-5205508) or Jana Vicente at +63928-5205499). Drop off for relief donations is at Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.