Olympus Sp-500UZ

Been testing out a semi-new Olympus SP-500UZ, which I’ve observed to sorta belong to a new subclass of prosumer cameras. Although technically I’d still consider this a point and shoot device with some advanced features. Why? because it’s cheap! (relatively)

They’ve lowered the price of this class of cameras to about P30,000.00, made them much lighter and damn well portable. This particular model is equipped with 10x optical zoom and 6.0MP. Now the Sony equivalent is capable of 5.1MP and 12x optical. It’s also got this shake correction mechanism for those of us who do not possess the talent of holding a camera with the fine motor skills of a doctor. The Olympus claims to have advanced red eye correction and Turbo image processing. Hmm, okay. Cool. It still shakes though so that sucks.

I really thought the camera wasn’t so great after reviewing some shots. This is one of those weird instances where the images viewed in the viewfinder aren’t as good as when they get imported to iPhoto. Maybe it is due to the huge 2.5 inch LCD viewer. Or maybe not. Whatever.

One thing I love about Olympus is the super macro mode of 2cm distance which not too many cameras have. I needed to use a tripod to steady my hands for most of the shots came out blurry in S-macro. I am an Olympus D-540 owner so the premise was the same, except that I was holding something slightly heavier.

So my verdict? Well, all I need to do is grab myself a set of rechargeables and I’d give this baby a 4/5. I really love how easy it is for the flash to be manually released and closed to take those careful macros.

I wrote this mini preview as an excuse to show off my cute dog pic on top. Ain’t he cute!

the m|PH podcast

It’s unbelievable how much of a push the Philippines got a few hours ago. We just launched what will be known as the Philippine podcasting network. A total of 25 local podcasts will be uploaded into the iTunes Music Store in the next few days.

The venue was fitting too – Red Box in Greenbelt 3, where each room was converted into a “channel” for technology, health and beauty, politics, youth, opinion, etc.

Spearheaded by Microwarehouse, a total of 25 original local podcasts will be uploaded into the iTunes Music Store, thereby allowing anyone around the world to get a glimpse of the rich Filipino culture.

Some of the more interesting podcasts include Jessica Zafra’s Twisted (she’s abandoned traditional media ladies and gents so this is the only place you’ll hear her), the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism channel, Gayspeak by Danton Remoto, The Fully Booked book reviews, Red Box Greatest Karaoke Hits (hehe!), and the timeless Kahapon Lamang by local broadcasting luminary Eddie Ilarde.

From the m|PH blog

You can download my very first podcast together with m|ph‘s Art Ilano and EIC Adel Gabot HERE.

Today, the podcast, tomorrow I will be like George Lindemann Jr.!

Alternatives to flying

What a week! And its only Wednesday. I missed out on two trips this week – the first for Australia for Nokia and the second for Singapore for the WCG 2005. And thus I’ve learned my lesson (1) to renew my passport when it expires and (2) renew my passport when it expires. Almost forgot, (3) to renew my passport when it expires.

So I should always renew my passport when it expires. And I did, just yesterday. With a fantastically spanking new picture. Haha.

So my midweek pretty much filled out in spite of having no trips. Monday was interesting because m|PH recorded our first Podcast which will be launched in an event together with other local industries on the 22nd. Yep, so you’ll hear me, Adel (read his own account)and Art in the iTunes Music Store pretty soon.

Tuesday was fun – ran from one event to another. The AM was pretty much divided between the EPSON X3 projector launch as well as the unveiling of the new 5th gen iPod with video playback.

On the pic to the left is myself and Sharon during a Mapalad gathering yesterday. I must say, its one of the better pics where I look different. So maybe if I lose a little bit more weight, I’ll really start to look like this person. It’s really embarassing when the McDonald’s counter guy, the bank teller, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf counter chick and the Chowking busboy call me “Uma.”

m|PH October-November is out!

It’s out! This is a very memorable issue for most of us at HIP. First of all, we’ve racked our brains deciding on what color the cover would take and we just decided to go psychidelic (sp?) because of the Austin Powers-esque retro theme.

Second, it is the first issue of m|PH under the new Hinge-Inquirer banner as you can see from the blue and white HIP logo on the lower left.

On a personal note this is also the first issue where I’ve taken the title of Managing Editor together with Art. As a result, I took my virgin trip to the fabled Mamplasan Print Town where I spent the wee hours of the morning proofing several pages of articles and ads.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I had fun making it. I especially enjoyed reviewing the Nokia N90 and the Sony Ericsson W800i.

Seen at the m|PH blog