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Did you own a foldable keyboard for your PDA?

Look what I found! from the ashes, this is my Targus Stowaway Foldable Keyboard compatible with the Handspring Visor series. I think I bought this in 2001 and used it with a Visor Deluxe wihch I then upgraded to a second hand Visor Prism (with 16-bit color!).

The foldable keyboard was an engineering marvel back in the day and not too many people owned one. Did you own a foldable keyboard for your Palm / Windows Mobile device? I remember this cost around PHP 3,500.00 or so with this particular model tough to get as there weren’t as many Handspring devices compared to Palm in Manila.

Mostly Everything

Ending my term at MaPalad


A few days ago, the organization upon which I hold a VP position for was featured in MaPalad, the Philippine Palm OS user group was featured in article by Alex Villafania.

The organization was formed in 1998 by Jason de Villa, a local user looking for applications that will make him fully utilize his Palm device. After forming Mapalad, joined by a select group of people, the forum eventually grew its membership and now boasts of 6,000 registered users.

Currently, Mapalad is headed by Guthrie-Jensen Training Consultant Sharon Agoncillo, herself an avid Palm Treo user. She is also the second female to head the predominantly male organization.


In its eight years of existence, a lot of restructuring has occurred within the organization, mostly having to do with semantics – due to the way Palm, the company formerly known as pa1mOne, and also formerly known as Palm, that had acquired Handspring, whose founders were part of the original Palm, which had some relation to 3com, kept on changing names.

pose pa.jpg

And it is with this post that I step down as VP of the organization. Sharon texted me this morning asking if we still want to “run for office” next year but I told her that I’d want to help out in other ways because of time and other commitments.

Several reasons really – to give chance to others for 2008, because it raises eyebrows that I do not use a Palm unit anymore (technically I still do – my trusty Visor Prism is still somewhere in the closet along with a Palm V in one of the drawers of my study), and finally because I don’t need to be Vice Prez to contribute to the org of which I have been a part of since the early 2000’s.

A fun group we are – MaPalad is currently involved in productivity seminars with MindShare with Luli Arroyo, a few outreach programs, the org’s band (we used to play at Conway’s in Shangri-la hotel), week-round “wala lang” meets. If you own a Palm-powered unit and would like to learn more about the organization, do visit our happy forum at

Pictures courtesy of the MaPalad photo pool.

MaPalad Gaming Meet

owl eyes (Small).jpg

MaPalad held its monthly gaming meet yesterday, sponsored by Astraware. You can view the thread and pictures here.

Thanks, Astraware and BBQ House for the prizes and venue.

Alternatives to flying

What a week! And its only Wednesday. I missed out on two trips this week – the first for Australia for Nokia and the second for Singapore for the WCG 2005. And thus I’ve learned my lesson (1) to renew my passport when it expires and (2) renew my passport when it expires. Almost forgot, (3) to renew my passport when it expires.

So I should always renew my passport when it expires. And I did, just yesterday. With a fantastically spanking new picture. Haha.

So my midweek pretty much filled out in spite of having no trips. Monday was interesting because m|PH recorded our first Podcast which will be launched in an event together with other local industries on the 22nd. Yep, so you’ll hear me, Adel (read his own account)and Art in the iTunes Music Store pretty soon.

Tuesday was fun – ran from one event to another. The AM was pretty much divided between the EPSON X3 projector launch as well as the unveiling of the new 5th gen iPod with video playback.

On the pic to the left is myself and Sharon during a Mapalad gathering yesterday. I must say, its one of the better pics where I look different. So maybe if I lose a little bit more weight, I’ll really start to look like this person. It’s really embarassing when the McDonald’s counter guy, the bank teller, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf counter chick and the Chowking busboy call me “Uma.”