m|PH goes sideways

A few months back we decided to experiment a little for 2006. Our first experiment is this huge widescreen rendition of the biggest magazine a lot of people have come to love.

Because we think of the weirdest things. Available now!

m|ph: tech to go!

I wrote the press release for the PDI Lifestyle section. It goes something like this …

m|ph, the most visible home-grown magazine on mobile technology starts the year with a fresh new look, giving readers a taste of what’s new in the mobile tech scene for 2006.

To celebrate a fresh start, m|ph goes vegan with the stunning Isabel Roces who graces the front cover. Isabel talks about her PETA advocacy, the gadgets she owns, and gives some words of advice on how to guard from gadget lust. This issue also contains reviews of the latest phones, namely the Nokia 6111 for the ladies, the shaver-shaped Nokia 6270 and the Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman phone. If you happen to own an iPod, the magazine also features a showdown of the best iPod-docking speakers available in town. Since gadgets are only as good as the people who use them, this issue features two mavens in their respective industries, the iconic Joey Alarilla of Hackenslash.net and Denise Albert, who sets the marketing and events industry on fire with her passionate words.

m|ph, which stands for Mobile Philippines, is a monthly publication geared towards the Filipino who is always on the go. Faithful readers have always described the magazine as the most informative and engaging among all the technology magazines because it is smart, engaging and witty. m|ph is available at all news stands and technology hubs for just P80.00 per issue.

It’s fun to be a geek!

Isabel Roces

I love Isabel Roces. I hope she loves me too.

Appearing Jan – Feb 2006 for m|ph.

What a nice lady. She made us all feel at ease during the shoot.

I’m also sporting my new look for 2006, facial hair and all. At least people don’t say I look like Mr. Bean anymore.

Denise Albert

We shot Denise for the upcoming fashionably geek section of m|ph. It will be out some time February. Meanwhile, read our blog.

Nice to see you again Den, after a looong time. T’was fun.

* denise used to play the virgin mary in our high school christmas plays. hyuk hyuk

the boy in every girl

Jed goes by many names. A lot of people know her as the sister of Miriam Quiambao. Some know her as an active member of PSI. The dudes in the industry refer to her as the marketing manager of Mobile 1.

As for me, I personally call her Mildred. She gets annoyed, slaps my arm and calls me ‘lolo.’

You see, Jed hits very hard, just like any other 80’s child who developed upper and lower body strength by playing street-wide patintero, tumbang preso, shato and cops and robbers. She was one of two girls in a street filled with boys. But she was the tallest.

She is my trusted friend, confidant, and also happily engaged.

This December, in m|ph