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A Financial Mobile App for Everyone

Smart phones and iPhones are everywhere you look these days. People are seen walking around these days with their heads faced down and their fingers moving in a synchronized tapping rhythm. Mobile technology is now literally ‘in your face.’

In many parts of the world, there are clever techies who sit all day in their small cubicles developing apps for anything imaginable. From games to shopping to banking, there is an online app for almost everything.
Developing a simple app which can transmit pictures from your mobile device and upload them onto your Facebook page isrelatively easy. But an enterprise or business app takes much longer to build and there are various obstacles to overcome.


Book with Agoda, so you’re not ‘pagoda’ LOL


The pros of getting married in the province outweigh the cons. Perhaps the biggest challenge from my wedding last year was helping book 120++ people to different hotels around Bacolod City. That was when I discovered a service called Agoda c/o my wife. “Cheaper rates,” she said. Compared to other services, Agoda is mainly Asia-based and boasts the most number of hotels within Asia, which is its main point of focus.