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I, Beauty Blogger (???)

Me: “Hey, Gabby you know what I feel so out of place with all these beauty bloggers.”

Gabby: But you wear tight pants! (and pink!) 🙂

Me: Oh. (teehee)

So I don’t know why I was invited. Usually I’m resigned to being a tag along with her when it comes to these sort of things.

It was actually quite interesting. The girls were invited to an event sponsored by Lipton Milk Tea at The Body Shop in Glorietta. After some cocktails, Lily, the host, asked the girls “What makes you feel good?” (I hid! Heehee!). After getting several responses from the participants, Lily and Minnie Fong, assistant brand manager to Lipton went on about the benefits of tea to the system. May be a coincidence but there’s been a stronger awareness on the benefits of tea versus coffee. Apparently the difference between the caffeine in coffee and tea is that the former gives you strong but shorter bursts of energy while tea maintains you at a steady level (more useful for longer work shifts??). So I think this is why Lipton is pushing a new “feel good” campaign to spread the message that tea helps you maintain a more consistent pace in your day.