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I, Beauty Blogger (???)

Me: “Hey, Gabby you know what I feel so out of place with all these beauty bloggers.”

Gabby: But you wear tight pants! (and pink!) 🙂

Me: Oh. (teehee)

So I don’t know why I was invited. Usually I’m resigned to being a tag along with her when it comes to these sort of things.

It was actually quite interesting. The girls were invited to an event sponsored by Lipton Milk Tea at The Body Shop in Glorietta. After some cocktails, Lily, the host, asked the girls “What makes you feel good?” (I hid! Heehee!). After getting several responses from the participants, Lily and Minnie Fong, assistant brand manager to Lipton went on about the benefits of tea to the system. May be a coincidence but there’s been a stronger awareness on the benefits of tea versus coffee. Apparently the difference between the caffeine in coffee and tea is that the former gives you strong but shorter bursts of energy while tea maintains you at a steady level (more useful for longer work shifts??). So I think this is why Lipton is pushing a new “feel good” campaign to spread the message that tea helps you maintain a more consistent pace in your day.

Lipton makes me feel good in a different way — hot tea is what I usually take when I get short bursts of asthma from foods that are very rich.

To really capitalize on their feel good campaign, Minnie told us to look around the store and choose three items that would help make us feel good. Hmm okay I had some idea where this is going.

At least I didn’t feel like a headless chicken – I used to drop by Body Shop when I had to refill Oceanus, one of my favorite scents. But alas Oceanus was gone to be replaced by a new fragrance called Aqua Lily which launched last August 24. Deepa Mansukhani, Body Shop’s PR Officer also showed me their new line of Moringa, which was made of Malunggay! I chucked a bottle of the Moringa Milk Body Lotion into the basket. I’m prone to dry skin and allergies so I would alternate between scents and lotion because my skin can end up hurting like hell during the summer heat. Since Aqua Lily still didn’t have the lotion version, the Moringa smelled pleasant enough for me to try a bottle (Oceanus was sold in all varieties – soap, shampoo, perfume, lotion – alas, no more!). The last item I placed in the cart was a perfume called “Of a Man.” Gee. Can’t go wrong I guess. It’s what you get when you combine Polo Sport with Lacoste Booster: citrusy and fresh.

At the end of my beauty product sojourn Ms. Fong came up to the mic and declared that since these items are what makes all of you feel good, we’re giving them to you for free! (Screeeeeeaaam!) So there you have it. My first beauty event where I participated! While inside, Phoebe helped me pick out something for my mom’s day gift as well – we got her the complete Moringa set. 🙂

Till next time,


\"Beauty Bloggers +1\"

P.P.S. I’d be darned if there was a similar event for technology bloggers: “You chose a MacBook Pro, a Nikon D300 and a PS3 — and since that makes you feel good, we’re giving it to you for free!”

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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Oh yeah! You actually got a Lipton Peppermint tea last night! heeeheee

Re xoxo: let’s see who’ll actually get this! 😆

ps. i should really chuck that top in the bin! 😡

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