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The Canon EOS 350D that blogging bought

Several months ago I never thought it would be possible to turn blogging into something lucrative. Well, July 2006 has been very generous to me and so I went to Canon Philippines to buy my first dSLR, the Canon 350D with kit lens.


The money I spent on this body + kit lens (Canon gave me a few freebies like a 256MB CF card and mini tripod) was all earned from blogging with b5media and KMM.

Is a professional camera the most expensive thing blogging can buy? Answer is NO:

The house that blogging bought
The car that blogging bought
The camera, gaming console and monitor that blogging bought

Abe has also bought a Canon 350D, from, well, from his photo gallery! Talk about reinvesting the money you earn!

You can check my photo gallery at

Mostly Everything

PEZ Candy is very addicting

I don’t know if you’ve heard of these, but PEZ Candy is the most addictive thing since Keys Me! Have you actually tried these candies?

I got my first taste of these sugar filled fruity pellets when Dan and Easton sent me a Welcome to Know More Media!! package through mail.

The package contained the following:

– Welcome letter from Dan and Easton
– Welcome to KMM from Hal (KMM’s CEO)
– Logitech headset for Skype conferences
– PEZ Candy Dispenser (limited Darth Vader edition!!!)
– PEZ Candy (!!!)

kmm package.JPG
Apparently, one of the company benefits as a KMM blogger is that I have an unlimited supply of PEZ candy. Yahoo! Gee whiz, if only for that …


What’s the symbolism behind the PEZ candy? Well, Hal says that I, as the blogger, am the dispenser and the candy is like my entries …

Err heck, read this instead to figure out why. It’s actually quite interesting how they welcome you at KMM. Love it.