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The Canon EOS 350D that blogging bought

Several months ago I never thought it would be possible to turn blogging into something lucrative. Well, July 2006 has been very generous to me and so I went to Canon Philippines to buy my first dSLR, the Canon 350D with kit lens.


The money I spent on this body + kit lens (Canon gave me a few freebies like a 256MB CF card and mini tripod) was all earned from blogging with b5media and KMM.

Is a professional camera the most expensive thing blogging can buy? Answer is NO:

The house that blogging bought
The car that blogging bought
The camera, gaming console and monitor that blogging bought

Abe has also bought a Canon 350D, from, well, from his photo gallery! Talk about reinvesting the money you earn!

You can check my photo gallery at

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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Congratulations Jayvee !!

Now you’ve got the bug Darren and I caught. It’s great isn’t it? And the more you learn, the more you get motivated to work even harder at it.

Best of luck!

What has blogging bought you?…

Darren is at it again now that he’s returned from his “daddy vacation”.  A little meme of sorts is being produced.  Jayvee seems to have actually returned to an original post by Darren that has returned Darren to the subject.   Bl…


thanks for dropping by! now that ive been bitten by the shutter bug, im craving for lenses! argh!

must …. blog … more….

[…] Blogging bought Dee a sixth birthday party for her daughter, CDs, books, concert tickets and covers her blog’s costs Blogging bought Bank Locator a trip to Vegas plus lots of free schwag Blogging bought Billobanger a house, furniture, new computer and gadgets Blogging bought Retrospector money to cover the costs of starting another blog Blogging bought Darren M an office, two companies, a paycheck for him and his wife, a car, a condo, 3 cats and vacations Blogging bought Elliot various trips away with his girlfriend Blogging bought Ken the ability to work at home and have time with his kids Blogging bought Jon a trip to Phoenix to meet his hero Blogging bought feral cat DVDs Blogging bought brem dog id tags Blogging bought Designer Ella lots of handbags and shoes. Blogging bought Kevin all the startup costs for the music label he’s launched Blogging bought JErm his freedom to quit other jobs and work at home – plus a trip to Bali for his entire family Blogging bought eSearing more web site development business which pays for cell phones, net access and a computer Blogging bought Esther her Son’s college education Blogging bought John gas for his car, a lot of fun and something to put on his next job application Blogging bought Kim Bah Lee a pint of beer Blogging bought Tim a Nintendo DS Blogging bought Greg web hosting, a valleyschwag subscription and domain renewal Blogging bought Swade a laptop, free Saab goodies and the inspiration for a new car. Blogging bought Thejesh GN a domain, hosting, a few drinks and lunch Blogging bought Marek a Pentax Optio W10 Blogging bought Chi An a Dell laptop Blogging bought Bill a $10,000 Spa Blogging bought Ray hosting and other blog related costs plus the odd latte Blogging bought Melissa lots of stuff ($1,100 to $1500 USD a month) Blogging bought Renee monthly installments on a home Blogging bought Keeton a successful home business and time with family Blogging bought hacker not cracker a laptop Blogging bought Dale plenty of CDs Blogging bought Adam a domain name and hosting Blogging bought pcunix – hard to tell as all income goes into the one pot but he’s earned $250k from online activities Blogging bought Chris hosting fees Blogging bought pjm satisfaction Blogging bought Oscar hosting fees, domains and coffee Blogging bought Jill lots of ’stuff’, a phone, admission to conferences, other jobs and work etc Blogging bought Candy Addict lots of Candy Blogging bought Jayvee a new DSLR and speaker set for video games Blogging bought Rick a new Car Blogging bought David an xbox, LCD Monitor and Camera Blogging bought Me a house, car and virtually every other living expense for the last year or two […]

Proof that there’s a decent living to be made by blogging – or by Web publishing, if you prefer :). Congrats Jayvee and I look forward to your continued growth and success.

wow. i hope reading all those med books would buy me a car too. haha. oh well. maybe someday. 🙂

[…] When I bought my camera last year, there was a secondary reason to it than just photography. It was to involve myself with user groups associated with the gadgets that you owned. Owning digital SLRs, Macs, iPods — these are all interesting gadgets but you come to realize that the people who own these things are much more interesting. Not that I’d buy myself into the organization – it isn’t that; no not at all. I really just wanted to immerse myself into this fun world of Filipino geeks. […]

Thanks for putting together The Canon EOS 350D that blogging bought Jayvee Fernandez | Pinoy Tech, Diving, Gadgets I am enjoying your posts. Would you consider a guest post? You can see my post style at and certainly I would be interested in having you post an article or two on my blog, what do you think?

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