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I know no one cares, but I watched Kenny Loggins Live in Manila tonight.

My blurry video of Kenny Loggins performing House at Pooh corner (Live in Manila | May 22, 2011)

Just came back from the Kenny Loggins Live in Manila concert. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan. I think I’m the only one in my circle of friends who was excited to find out he was coming to Manila, almost a year in advance. So when Maan scored me tickets, I was more than happy (I would have bought my own of course, but super thanks to my boss at UNO since according to her words — I don’t know anyone else who would want to watch Kenny Loggins!).

I practically grew up listening to his music but the turning point of “casual listener” to “BIG FAN” came when Adel Gabot introduced me to his Outside: From the Redwoods Album and I was completely floored with his rapport and talent on stage. He’s an outstanding musician. Hands down one of the best musicians who can arrange something — and then rearrange it in a fashion where he .. well it’s like keeping it in 4/4 then stumping you for a bit then he goes back to the original meter. Many artists do that today, but he has a way of doing it that’s just uniquely him. And more than 20 years later, he still has it.

Oh and I used to write fan mail. He’d reply.

Kenny Loggins performs ‘What a Fool Believes’ with Michael McDonald from their Redwoods Concert. The venue of this concert was epic: the constructed a stage in the middle of the Redwood Forest.

It was a bit sad though that the bouncers who were hired by the production team drowned the spirits of a lot of the middle aged men and women who came. When Kenny started playing Footloose, a good number of the audience stood up and started dancing. The bouncers immediately got to work and told them to sit down. I mean, WTF — it’s a concert. Kenny Loggins took note of this and said “Hey if you want to dance on your seats that’s fine!” And so this time even more people started dancing. But the bouncers were at it again. What are you afraid of? That the lolos and lolas will start crowd surfing and a moshpit? Oh c’mon.

Mostly Everything

DiscOVIries Week V: Your Playlist Screenshot


Jan: Everybody gear up!

Wowie: Wait lang, let me set my playlist.

My dive buddy Wowie brought an H2O Audio casing for his iPod to our latest weekend dive in Puerto Galera. Though it is not recommended to listen to music during a dive, it definitely adds to the ambient experience. The device fits all previous models of the iPod including the iPod touch and the headphones connect directly to your dive mask, a few centimeters away from your ear. Once you’re underwater, the audio booms into surround sound (underwater, sound waves shoot out in all directions so it’s like ambient music coming from everywhere).

So it’s a little funny how I’d hear Wowie’s awesome Kenny Loggins’ playlist when I drift near him.

So this week, I thought it would be cool if we could all share our favorite playlist with a short description. It could be for your blogging mantra, driving music, or in Wowie’s case his dive playlist. This is my partial playlist for “indie rock.” Any of the songs familiar? 🙂



This contest is valid till 11:59PM of Sunday, November 1 2009. Contest rules can be found here. The prize, as usual is a P2,000 eGC from Ayala.

Extra: Here’s a video I made of our last four dives in Puerto Galera

We did four dives over the weekend. Highlights were Shark Cave, Canyons, Sabang Wrecks, and the raclette we had for Marie’s birthday 🙂