Starmobile launches 12 new devices: 3 smartphones, 5 Diamond phablets and 4 Engage tablets

katrina tioseco starmobile

Boom. It’s only been two years since they opened shop in the Philippines but Starmobile is fast approaching 1 million users. Last week, the Philippine-owned smartphone company launched their Christmas lineup of 12 more Android devices: 3 smartphones, 5 Diamond series phablets and 4 tablets to complete their 2013 ‘Engage’ line.

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The late review: Starmobile Diamond is elegant at a surprising PHP 9,990

Starmobile Diamond Philippines

Every other tech blog has made the ‘Diamond pun’ so here’s mine: this post has taken forever to write (because diamonds last forever). So yes, this is late. Like one month late. The Starmobile Diamond was released back in April and has been making the rounds among the many lifestyle and tech blogs. About two weeks ago I had lunch with Starmobile’s Consumer Marketing Head, Katrina Tioseco, President Michael Chen and Asst. Brand Manager Paula Rivera. Immediate discussions naturally revolved around the state of the phone industry, local blogs and yes, SCUBA diving (as Katrina is also a licensed SCUBA diver). I swear, diving is the new golf.