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Congratulations to Joyce de Vera, winner of the Jollibee MILO Mix-In contest!

joyce de vera

Congratulations to Joyce de Vera who made use of the Camera360 + Cymera combo. Joyce, we will be in touch for your prize. Thank you!

“I first used a camera app Camera360 while taking our photos in Jollibee, to have an amazing effect such as Magic Skin – Glossy. Then I used Cymera to add more effects and it is the best camera app for the portraits. It has everything I need in a camera and photo editor to help me create photos by applying hand-picked filters and the best beauty effects, run through our own face detection technology. I was with my eldest sister that time. We had our late lunch in Jollibee.

We ordered Jollibee value meals: Jolly Hotdog Classic, Yum! with Cheese, 2 large fries, 2 cups of Sarsi, and for our dessert, we had 2 MILO Mix-In Cookie Berry and Pretzel Krunch. It was my first time to try it out and I was definitely surprised. For only P38, this dessert is definitely awesome! My sister and I enjoyed our meals and the time we spent together in Jollibee because of its coziness atmosphere. Hopefully, we’re going back there this week to buy MILO Mix-In for our family. Thank you.”

For those who joined, thank you! You can still an awesome experience by going to the nearest Jollibee store and have a Milo Mix-in sundae. They come in two variants: the creamy Jollibee ice cream choco cookies mixed in with pretzels and MILO, or you can opt for a Mix In with strawberry syrup, cookies and MILO if you want a more fruity tang. These desserts cost PHP 38.00 a cup and are available nationwide.

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Contest: Giving away a 1TB WD External Drive from our friends at Jollibee!


Hey readers! It’s contest time again! Who wants to win a 1TB WD external hard drive?! As you know, summer can be a bad month for your gadgets because of the extreme heat that bakes your already hot computers. So what better way to “sun block” your data than to back up with a nice fat (or NTFS haha!) storage solution?

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Jollibee brings NFC technology to their stores with the ‘happyplus’ Card

I laud Jollibee for being the first retailer pushing for fast adoption of NFC technology in the Philippines.

Geeky Explanation: (warning, nosebleed)
NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and is a prevalent piece of technology similar to Bluetooth or QR codes and is based on the current RFID technology. The difference is that the “near field” in NFC means that as soon as you point your device (in this case a card) to the kiosk sensor within 4 centimeters, the “tag” is recorded. The not-so-recent Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade enables NFC for several of their models like the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Non-Geeky Explanation:
Your mobile phone (or any device with NFC) is now a debit card.

The HappyPlus Card seems to be Jollibee’s way to condition the minds of Filipinos to adopt NFC as a part of their daily lives. This is a bridge. It is no secret that the final product will be to use NFC-enabled smartphones (many Android devices already have it built in but aren’t being used by Pinoys) but the cards are a good way of pushing the market to familiarize with this tech. Essentially, it’s something Filipinos have been doing for a while, claiming rewards points with their load, using Passa Load services, etc. Jollibee’s move makes sense as they already have staked their claim in a mobile app for smartphones (aka Netphone).

The service will be available starting January 23 2012. The card itself will cost PHP 100.00 and will enable rewards points to accumulate. You can use the points to purchase from Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Greenwich and soon, Mang Inasal. In essence, NFC eventually replaces the CBTL Swirl Cards and SM Advantage cards we have come to love.

Current Phones that support NFC:

Nexus S
Google Nexus S 4G
Samsung Galaxy S II (not all versions)
Samsung Galaxy Note (not all versions)
Galaxy Nexus

Nokia N9

Blackberry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold 9990/9930
BlackBerry Torch 9810/9860
Blackberry Curve 9350/9360/9370

The iPhone does not officially support NFC technology.

2012 is the year NFC will be introduced and will grow. Smart has started pushing it as well for bazaar entrances. You can use your smartphone (w/ NFC) to enter bazaars. Who knows what’s next? Concert tickets? MRT tickets? Endless!

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TLDR: Running Summary of MWC 2011

EDIT: Latest posts are below! Scroll down for more!

To make it easier to digest the event, I’m creating a post that summarizes all MWC-related coverage between myself and Andi9. This will be updated daily. 🙂 Follow me on Twitter @jayvee for live updates from the floor.



  • The ROVIO / Angry Birds booth — all the other stuffed toys were stolen and this was the last one remaining!
  • Tablet Mayhem at the NVIDIA booth!
  • Photos taken using a Canon S95 from Canon Philippines