Remembering 2010: Marking 102 Dives with video

Probably the best investment I made this year was for a decent underwater video camera. I accumulated over 42GB worth of raw underwater footage and I must say that documenting my dives is easily the most rewarding experience this year, perhaps ever! As a volunteer for WWF Philippines I also donate all my videos to their coral triangle efforts.

So here they are, my top diving vids for 2010:

*Viewing advice*
Watching all of these videos could take a while. If you have time to spare, do grab a bag of chips and a drink. Enjoy!

Mostly Everything

Show and Tell: My Diving Gear

A number of blog readers I meet in person have asked about my dive equipment. Here’s a quick rundown of my complete gear, acquired in the course of 14 months. Most of the critical gear was recommended by my instructor Jan Acosta, alongside my frequent “Sweet Divers” dive group. I left out the rash guards and swim trunks.

Click on for the full rundown.