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Gaming Library Board Game Anniversary Sale!

There are more than two dozen board game titles on sale at Gaming Library’s “All aBOARD” anniversary meetup. The cardboard loving community has definitely gotten more interesting throughout the months as more and more Filipinos are looking for alternate ways to socialize. Board game nights are definitely epic.


Off the top of my head the good deals here include Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer for PHP 800.00 (read my interview with Justin Gary, creator of the Ascension IP), Star Trek (because it’s hella cheap), Ora et Labora because of the price cut, and Nightfall: Blood Country because of its low price for an expansion to the Nightfall deck builder. Remember, sale is up to June 30 2012, no reservations.

Facebook: Gaming Library Page
Twitter: @Gaminglibrary99
Contact: 0917-856-5226 / 0922-894-0804

They accept PayPal / BPI for online orders with delivery. Details here.

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