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Geeky ‘bobble’ water bottles filter potable water for PHP 595.00

Hi all! Guess what? I found the geekiest water bottle in the metro. I first heard of the bobble from dive buddies who carried these around when we would take boat trips out to dive sites. The touch of geek-ness comes from the tip of the bottle which is actually a carbon filter cap that (further) purifies potable drinking water. The bottles were not yet available in Manila at the time so access was very limited. Until recently.

So will you buy Crocs after they’ve reinvented themselves?

About three years ago I bought my first pair of Crocs. It’s akin to the first time you experience anything in your pubescent life — and then grow up to realize that what you did was a bit overrated.

So despite being comfortable, the lot were in agreement that the “awkward” fashion sense outweighed the actual comfort. So what did Crocs do? They removed the holes and kept the sole. Capitalize on what makes your product good, and mitigate the weakness — holes. Note that they also kept the bright colors, at least in most designs that made Crocs stand out as well.

One thing regarding brand authenticity though — check out the Tideline Canvas: Real Crocs, or fake Sanuks?

Here are some of the new pairs of Crocs available TODAY in the Philippines: