So will you buy Crocs after they’ve reinvented themselves?

About three years ago I bought my first pair of Crocs. It’s akin to the first time you experience anything in your pubescent life — and then grow up to realize that what you did was a bit overrated.

So despite being comfortable, the lot were in agreement that the “awkward” fashion sense outweighed the actual comfort. So what did Crocs do? They removed the holes and kept the sole. Capitalize on what makes your product good, and mitigate the weakness — holes. Note that they also kept the bright colors, at least in most designs that made Crocs stand out as well.

One thing regarding brand authenticity though — check out the Tideline Canvas: Real Crocs, or fake Sanuks?

Here are some of the new pairs of Crocs available TODAY in the Philippines:

Mostly Everything

Hamilo Coast


Hamilo Coast is a 5,700 hectare project with the SM Prime Holdings Group located at Nasugbu, Batangas. This is probably the biggest Eco-Tourism project in the country as it merges a beach side residential resort for local and foreign tourists. And here’s the best thing about the place: by 2008, the SM Mall of Asia area will have completed its port city expansion. You will be able to take a ferry from the Mall of Asia to Hamilo Coast in 90 minutes.


Composed of 13 natural coves with distinct characters, shapes and sizes; limestone cliffs that reach the sky; virgin forests and rock formations; as well as its own natural park set against a pristine backdrop of sloping mountains, the development is set to grow into a vibrant and colorful community where life is balanced by the serenity and peace that comes from being in harmony with nature.

To complement the property’s natural topography, Hamilo Coast will offer an ideal mix of residential, commercial, cultural, recreational and eventually, institutional amenities to communities of tourists, first- and second-home owners. Sand and sports facilities that include full-service beach and country clubs as well as a golf course in the valley will become available; forest parks, exclusive beach enclaves and a marina/yacht club, which will cater to sea-loving tourists and boating enthusiasts are part of the Hamilo Coast vision plan.


Think of the possibilities of this set up. You can actually wake up and go jogging along the beach and then take the ferry to Mall of Asia by lunch time without having to drive. You can go about your business and take the ferry back to your residential home by the beach by late noon and still be in time for dinner.

If you have this set up, it will actually make a lot of sense investing in a Globe Visibility or PLDT WeRoam account.

This is not a sponsored post.