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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note too big? Here’s our actual hands on!

EDIT II: Want to see the Galaxy Note UNDERWATER? Check it out.

EDIT: Hands on with the Galaxy Note here.

I have a conspiracy theory about the worldwide consumer IT industry. Every year, all the manufacturers (except Apple — coz they’re not fun) add 1 inch to the screens of their smartphones to make consumers look more and more ridiculous when using these devices.

OK, but no, that’s probably too far from the truth but you have to admit that on paper, having a device that has 5.3″ of screen real estate can barely be called a phone anymore. In theory it all sounds bizarre, but this is one of those times where actually holding the device gives you that “aha!” moment. In short: The Samsung Galaxy Note works.

Top: Side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S II (4.3″ screen vs 5.3″ screen on the Note)

Read on for more photos and comparison.


Day 0: Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II

The Samsung booth is huge. They’re showcasing everything with full force. But the main showcase is twofold: the newly updated Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which puts it head on with the Motorola Xoom (since both are running Android 3.0 Honeycomb) and the Samsung Galaxy S II. More of this at MWC ’11 later!