The Alabang Creek Canal Bike Trail

There’s a bike route I’ve been following more often. And the irony is the trail is within a mall.

The Festival Mall canals are really something else. In a way it reminds me of the huge ponds of the former QUAD (now Greenbelt) in the 1980’s and Virra Mall but on a larger scale. Festival Mall’s humongous expansion extends the mall towards Asian Hospital with new outdoor areas around a forum that follows the freshwater Alabang Creek as it makes its way out into Laguna de Bay. The creek itself isn’t a sight to behold, and to be honest I have doubts of how “safe” that water is as I’ve seen freshwater fish floating dead in some of the more stagnant waters. But easily accessible bodies of water are a rarity in the urban sprawl, and in this case — it IS the urban sprawl.

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Verzio Envii at P29,900 in Manila

“Love looks through a telescope; Envii, through a microscope.” – Josh Billings

The Envii

Hey folks, I’m back and posting between the sniffles. My seasonal flu is spot on with the weather change. Because of this I haven’t really had the time to fiddle with something that came through the mail – the Verzio Envii, which is Verzio’s first Windows Mobile 6 handheld. First saw this little thing at the Verzio store in Bonifacio High Street and lookie here – there’s finally one in the mail.