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ZALORA Online Retail NOW OPEN in the Philippines

Word is out on the street that ZALORA is launching in the Philippines. And it looks like the rumors are true. Like Zappos, ZALORA is fashion retail done online focusing on Asian markets like Malaysia and the Philippines. And guess what, the Philippines store is now open! Zalora is powered by the guys from rather controversial Rocket Internet. These are the ones who created Pinspire, which is very similar to Pinterest in order to appeal to regional markets.

Payment methods include VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, BDO and more. The items are delivered via LBC.

Is the Philippines ready for online retail? The answer is a big resounding YES! Multiply stores, eBay, Express Regalo and Amazon have been the front act for online retail in the Philippines. With more and more payment methods being accepted apart from credit cards, online retail brings the convenience of shopping to your computer. Yes, there’s always that natural high brought about by window shopping, but shopping online beats the long lines.

From their About Page:

ZALORA is an online fashion retailer in the Philippines. It is part of the largest online platform retailers in Southeast Asia. We are working with the best international and local suppliers, distributors and retailers to bring the major fashion brands to the online Philippine market.

Links you need to know
Twitter: @ZALORAPH
Hotline: +632.531.0373

Mostly Everything

Two new blog ideas that will make you famous

Here are some blog ideas boiling about and I’d like to share them with you. I’d have wanted to do these myself but, well, I have a lot to eat with a full plate in front of me. Here they are:

Idea 1. Back in 2005 the company I worked for had already launched a consumer shopping magazine that specialized in doing honest to God product comparisons. Like we’d have 5 of the best sisig in town and compare them. Or six of the most packed burgers. Or they can be as mundane as comparing the total resistance of five brands of tissue paper or the chicken gravy from the top three fast foods.

That magazine was called The Reviewer and it would be cool if a group of people took off and did that again. It would be easier in the sense that you don’t need to have advertising to support you since it’s something you’d have to do by yourself to avoid any biases. The blog won’t review restaurants or establishments. It reviews products in contrast to other products and you’d need to be a very sensitive consumer to see through the marketing. It sounds easy but believe me, it isn’t.

Idea 2. Are you a photographer, talent manager or make up artist? It would be fun to produce a site showcasing the beauty industry with one catch: zero use of Photoshop or any photo manipulating tool (with the exception of crop and B&W conversion). Real photography. Real models. And I mean REAL MODELS. You know how anyone can be a model these days? Well, a blog like this will definitely showcase raw talent from photographers, make up artists, stylists – and yes, bringing back the super models! It’s easy to get shocked when browsing through a magazine and you find out that the model was not photoshopped – you tend to ask for the name of the model and photographer in the credits!

Again, I think this concept would look better as a glossy industry mag but a blog should work just fine.

Any takers? If you do borrow these ideas, tell me. I’d gladly help promote them! 🙂