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And now, ladies and gents, a break from tech products

Cure Natural Aqua Gel from Sophie Uy

“My fez is byooteeful”
— overheard

Huzzah! It’s beauty time again! This is becoming a scary, albeit addicting habit of showing off beauty products that I fancy. Today I will show you the secret to a flawless face. This is by recommendation of Fritz which right now can be bought from Sophie Uy of Beautynomics. It cost around P1,6xx.00 from the Moon Bazaar thing at Rockwell. You can order directly from her. It really works. I’m on day 4 😉

Speaking of “Flawless” (yes, beauty mode still on) I got an interesting piece of news from an industry friend for a contest that’s currently underway with Flawless (the pink derma place all over town that’s owned by the Belo group). Guys (and gals), get this: they’re having a contest that’s awarding P800,000.00 cash and a 1 million peso billboard ad deal for two individuals.

So lets get on to the details. For the remaining weekends of October, visit the Flawless booth at the following SM branches:

SM Megamall
SM North
SM Mall of Asia
SM Bacoor
SM Manila
SM Pampanga
SM Lipa
SM Cebu

Ever Bilena will do you hair and make up on the fly once you get there. So girls, don’t put on product first. Professional photographers will take your photo. Your picture will be open to the public for voting. And then, next year, contestants will be narrowed down to 18 finalists, one male and one female. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay. The two winners will get the 800,000 cash prize and a one million peso endorsement on a billboard located at a major thoroughfare.

For more details call 1-800-10-FLAWLESS or visit

Azrael, join na. You too, Juned. Si Coy din.

Or … maybe we can social media this whole thing and crowd source the voting for Bim. He gets a billboard ad, and the blog community splits the P800k. Mwehehe.

[ beauty mode off ]

Let’s go back to tech products… have you seen the new iMacs? I’d love to run Windows 7 on those 😉

Mostly Everything

Loadmomma is the “second half” of Red Mobile: Free affiliate load sending!


The summary: Loadmomma from Red Mobile combines social media and viral marketing with a prepaid load distribution.

The cat is finally out of the bag. Several weeks ago, customer service reps from uMobile (formerly CURE) called their former subscribers hinting of a new service on the rise. A lot of bloggers caught sight of this and have speculated their thoughts. This new telco, as we now know is Red Mobile. The ads are all over Facebook and the local Internet. However, there’s more to Red Mobile than just cheaper rates.

So here we go! Introducing … Loadmomma, the second half of Red Mobile and what seems to be the key missing piece. Loadmomma is a social phenomenon that challenges the way we send out load. Instead of buying load – why not earn it from other Red Mobile subscribers via a social network platform? Of course, you can always buy credits!

Quoted from the FAQ:

Anyone can be a part of the red mobile online community. All you have to do is log on to, register your personal details and recruit as many of your friends to join the load momma community. As the referror, you will be considered the “load momma.” Make sure that your friends all register—each successful referral means that you can get P10 worth of red mobile prepaid credits, which is equal to 20 minutes worth of voice calls or 20 text messages (red mobile to red mobile). [source]

A strong social network component?


Interesting as well – the account management page lets you add friends in your email address books and social networks as well (see above). Under your account management page, you can send messages, view your friends (yes, Load Momma also has profile pages like social networks) and check your load statistics. There’s also a referral link which you can use to display on your blog for load affiliate credits.


And yeah – based on the menagerie of alerts you can customize above, it IS a social network and you can even customize the CSS for your profile page.

In other words, what we’re looking at is potentially free load depending on the number of friends we recruit on a daily basis (not yet sure how this works in practice but nonetheless worth a try!). So yeah, it’s not only cheaper than 24/7 Unlimited, the long term costs are cheaper as well with its current rates. I guess this is why they have the “It’s better than unlimited” tag line on the web page.

Can I be your LOADMOMMA?

[Disclosed: BlogBank, a company I own, is running the Loadmomma campaign across its network]