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Here are the most popular things to do in lockdown

The coronavirus now appears to have been around forever, as lockdowns continue and our everyday lives put on hold. It has completely changed the way we live our lives but this appears to now be changing. Improvements are being made in many areas, and these lockdowns are being eased and economies re-opening. This is something that needs to happen, so that lives are not ruined. It is now a very important step forward for the world and how it responds to this unprecedented period of time in 2020.


A Path to Business Recovery

Tentative steps are being taken in beginning economic recovery across the world – lockdown measures are slowly starting to ease are guidelines are being put out in order to direct this recovery – many are trying to issue the easing in stages with those in the service industry such as restaurants being amongst the last to re-open. One of the challenges that need to be overcome is that social distancing will slowly become normal, and overtime it’s likely the measures taken in social distancing will be here to stay – there have even been suggestions that these measures and restrictions likely won’t lift until a vaccine is available, if at all. But now dates have been set out for a time businesses can look to re-open, it may be the perfect time to look at the path businesses can take to kick start their recovery.