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Congratulations to Jerico Macatangay! You win a Galaxy 5 Android phone from Samsung

EDIT: Also I updated the final result of the Shark notebook. We’re donating it to the CSR arm as per my last SMS with Samsung.

I’d like to congratulate Jerico Macatangay who submitted a LONG blog entry on how the Korean culture influenced his life. It was a choice between this and 2 Youtube videos — but in the end, I found Jericho’s entry more moving despite being words and photos (compared to video).

Jerico, I agree with you — and might add that I do enjoy Korean grocery stores for their ice cream! I’ll email you details on how you can claim the Samsung Galaxy 5 from their office. I will endorse you to Odette. Better hurry though, as the holidays approach, lest you get it next year pa!

Trivia: To those who submitted entries with Sandara Park (now with 2NE1), our magazine was mostly responsible in making her famous before she left.