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Congratulations to Jerico Macatangay! You win a Galaxy 5 Android phone from Samsung

EDIT: Also I updated the final result of the Shark notebook. We’re donating it to the CSR arm as per my last SMS with Samsung.

I’d like to congratulate Jerico Macatangay who submitted a LONG blog entry on how the Korean culture influenced his life. It was a choice between this and 2 Youtube videos — but in the end, I found Jericho’s entry more moving despite being words and photos (compared to video).

Jerico, I agree with you — and might add that I do enjoy Korean grocery stores for their ice cream! I’ll email you details on how you can claim the Samsung Galaxy 5 from their office. I will endorse you to Odette. Better hurry though, as the holidays approach, lest you get it next year pa!

Trivia: To those who submitted entries with Sandara Park (now with 2NE1), our magazine was mostly responsible in making her famous before she left.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

77 replies on “Congratulations to Jerico Macatangay! You win a Galaxy 5 Android phone from Samsung”

congrats pare. di na ko nag-submit ng entry dito kasi wala naman akong maisip na influence sa kin ng korean culture. wala ng makaka-question dito. enjoy your new phone, and merry christmas!!!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Thanks po sir Jayvee! Thanks po SAMSUNG! THANKS PO!!!!!!


salamat po talaga. malaking tulong po iyan.. thanks po!!!

í‒©ë‹ˆë‹€! (salamat po…)
till now, mabilis pa rin tibok ng puso ko… HUH!


@andrew for sure there will be something on the week of the 17th of january. im still fixing the schedule to see if a sponsor would like to take a slot also on the week before that (and the week before that week). i’ll most likely know this by jan when people come back to work.

happy holidays!

im sure you will love the android OS jericho. .hehe. . .
@mr jayvee. , .i cant wait for the upc0ming c0ntests. . .hehe.wla po ba film making?video editing?photo editing or logo making?hehe. . .sana mg kar0n. .para mkta mga talento ng mga pin0y sa graphics. .hehe

off comment na doon sa samsung shark, just a sympathy to all the participants…

S – sayang
A – ang
M – mga
S – sumali
U – umani
N – ng
G – guniguni

Congrats to Jerico! Ang saya naman ng Christmas gift from A Bugged Life and Samsung. πŸ˜›

Happy holidays, everyone! Oras nanaman para magpakabusog at magpakasaya πŸ˜›

Nemory: ang hirap, pili lang makakasali O_O Pero I think that’s a skill you have kaya hoping ka rin na yun ang basis πŸ˜› Nothing wrong there. πŸ™‚

@Jayvee: Korean grocery stores = MELONA Ice cream and those red bean ice cream shaped like fishes. UGH. *drool*

First off, congratulations to Samsung Korean week winner. You broke my sister’s heart, but whatever. And then, dude Jayvee, may I say that regarding the previous contest, you should really give that Samsung Shark away. You had 1,499 other entries. That’s A LOT of time, effort, and brainpower spent tapos “no winner” lang yung end. Hindi naman kasalanan ng other entries yung oversight mo and ng Samsung. One of those 1,499 entries deserve that prize. It’s a bad idea and frankly unthoughtgul to leave it like that lang. Give that Shark to one of the entries. They deserve it.


the fishes are yummy. i used to stock those. what i find to be pure genius is how their version of the drumstick has ridges in the wrapping so that you can peel off as much wrapper needed as you make your way through the ice cream.

i also like their version of the pinipig crunch that uses nuts and has a chocolate bar “surprise” center in the popsicle stick

I haven’t tried as much as you have because I’ve only gotten some the rare times I actually get to eat in Binondo area! I loved the strawberry yogurt popsicle as well as the fish. Then I’ve tried the melona popsicles too. I’m curious with what you’ve said; ridges on the drumstick wrapper? And I always see the pinipig crunch but I’ve never tried it! I want soooome πŸ™

…What do you mean by chocolate bar center, is it like the chocolate in the drumstick here in the philippines but instead in the center of the popsicle?

@jayvee, is that real?you mean the popsicle-like is chocolate?if im right, it’s nice and great.

@Rommel: Walang konsensya yung may kasalanan sa SAMSUNG shark kahit lahat disappointed sa kanya. wala man lang apologies.. in short, walang kahiya2 nagawa niya!

kanino kaya ang 2 you tube videos na yun.. hahaha.. sir jayvee pd ba malaman. malaking compliments na rin yun na mapasama sa top 3 na pinagpilian.. hehehe.. anyway, congrats.. i thought 5 samsung galaxy ang bibigay.. πŸ™‚ better luck next time… looking forward for the next game.. wag po voting system please…

happy holidays..

wow. gusto ko ring matikman po yung melona ice cream. san po ba nakakabili nun?

@Sir Jayvee, hindi pa po nagrereply si maam odette. ^^

@Christine Reyes: I agree with you. Di nga mapakita sa atin ang TOP 10 e. ang dming hindi tinupad ng pacontest na to. sbi ipost ang top 10 til now wla. kahit d nmn manalo ng shark laptop the thing is, sana naappreciate ang efforts ng lahat ng sumali. anyways, congratz to Jerico πŸ™‚ buti ikaw masaya d rest ng shark contestants disappointed… πŸ™

ou nga sherw00d. ,gus2 q din malaman e ,youtube vid din ung akin kc. .hehe , .pa c0ns0 nMn po kuya jayvee.jwkz, .hehe.

In school, my teacher taught me the value of sportsmanship. That in every contest, there is always a winner and a loser. If you win, be grateful to God; if you lose, be humble enough to accept defeat – better luck next time. This is also the value that I am teaching to my children, especially to be honest in how you win the contest… This is the first time to have heard of a contest having no winner just because the supposed-winner is a disqualified entry. Marlon knows very well that he is disqualified so why should he be hurt when he was denied of the prize. One of the top ten deserves the Samsung Shark SF410 prize. Parang obvious nga naman na hindi talaga binasa ‘yong buong 1800+ entries at parang doon na lang nag-focus sa mga latest entires.
@Jayvee, please be open to criticisms and suggestions, be it positive or negative. Tell you, you will learn a lot from them; they will help you grow and become mature. Closing off comments won’t help you grow. Respect the opinions of others even if it hurts. We are in a democratic country so always expect criticisms no matter how good the intention is. Nobody’s exempted from criticisms. Si Lord Jesus Christ nga eh grabe ang pinagdaanang criticisms but it brought him glory.
Sana Marlon will speak up and be humble enough to say it’s alright to give the prize to the rightful winner (among the top 10!).
Thanks a lot for allowing my comment to be posted. A joyful Christmas and a Blessed New New Year to everyone. More power and God bless po.

BTW, may I suggest that in your future contest, limit each participant to a maximum of 2 or 3 entries para hindi po kayo mahirapang masyado sa pag-screen ng mga entries. Mahihirapan po talaga kayo kasi nag-iisa lang po kayong pipili sa sobrang dami ng mga entries (minsan pa nga useless entries na pero karapatan din nila yon, he he he!)

I agree exactly with Mr. Vicente Ferrer. saktong sakto ang sinabi nya. be open to criticisms. Bakit hindi itama ang pwde pang itama? ano ba ang tama, edi i award ito sa nararapat… sa mga naghirap sumali, nagpakaadik magisip, nagpakapuyat magdamag, nagpaka sipag gumawa ng magagandang entries, nagpaka tyaga maghintay ng resulta, nagpaka paniwala sa mga rules at announcements na sinabi, nagpakatiwalang maglalabas ng top 10? nagpaka asa ng sobra sobra, at nagpaka enjoy dito sa contest na ito? napakasimple dba? bakit d maitama ang maling desisyon? wla namang unfair sa magaward sa nararapat dba? bakit hindi ipamigay ang laptop? what do u tnk?

hindi naman best solution ang magannounce ng NO WINNER sa pagkakamali ng pagpili ng winner dba? hindi ba mas best solution ang IAWARD ANG LAPTOP SA NARARAPAT? SA MGA PUMASOK SA TAMANG ORAS? SA MGA NAGHIRAP? SA NARARAPAT NA ENTRIES diba? what do u tnk? ok lang naman kng hindi tayo manalo e, sport naman tyong lahat pero ang point is… i award dapat yan sa nararapat? pangit man ang entry nsa desisyon nmn ni Jayvee yan at tatanggapin ng lahat dhil c Jayvee ang may kakayahan na magdecide kng cno ang dapat manalo dba? come on, its never too late…;)

I suggest pa sh0rt c0ntest nlg pu ulit sir Jayvee. .hehe. .ung my limit nga. .para nd mdami mbuti isa lang.hehe.,sna nxt tym mga creativity naman mga editing video, photo, painting, effort. .hehe.suggest2x lg po para gudz. . .lav u all.

Tama po. Para once and for all mag-end na ang grudge ng mga pipz and happy na ang lahat… A winner has to be announced. Wala pa po akong nasalihang contest which has no winner. πŸ˜€

noted lang ang nasabi ng jayvee. hahaha

oh ayan nabasa mo na siguro anoh? tama nga naman si Mr. Vicente I. Ferrer, napakalinaw ng sinabi niya. Dapat may winner na madeclare in every contest para alam namin na credible kayo! Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat. Face the consequences bakit ipagkakait ang prize sa may ibang mas deserving na manalo dahil nagkamali lang ng pagproclaim ng winner? eh sa Ms. Universe nga once na nadeclare ang winner at may mga issues at controversies, pede madethrone ang winner at pumalit ang runner up. kahit wala yun sa mechanice understood na yun. sana alam mo yan!

ok guys. was exchanging a couple of SMS with samsung’s marketing to address the stalemate. what they told me (and i think it is for the best) is that they are donating the computer to their charitable initiatives (might be their Samsung HOPE campaign for technology education for kids)

im sorry for screwing up the previous contest. but i think this information relayed to me is a good way to put closure to everything.

thanks and happy holidays!

@Jayvee: I think I have to try that sometime soon. You got me drooling over it! HAHA! I can imagine. Have you tried the cheesecake ones? Are they any good?

My take? Accept criticisms. but CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms. There’s a line between criticizing and insulting. Between neutral comments and attacks. Please people, move on.

Well thank you for screwing this up. You are such a joke! The winner is a joke! Did you even bother to go through the thousand entries? I knew it you will do this and will do again for another prize as major as a laptop. The next time you’ll do this again, you will find yourself banned in the blogosphere. Trollers will be all over you. Your fellow bloggers will condemned you and we’ll see you gnashing your teeth in the darkness. You absolutely are a joke!

And please the next time you’re holding a contest… pay for some legitimate judges if you can. Because you suck big time!

Well, kahit di ako sumali dun sa samsung shark nafi-feel ko ung disppointment nila..and tama ung sinabi nila na maging open ka to any criticisms (wag dapat i-restrict ung comment box mo once na may nag-aappeal sa page mo)..ang dami kong gustong sabihin but wag na muna still monitoring ur page..remember my DTI nman right?:)

@ Sir Jayvee, I would like to clarify one thing: Ibig po bang sabihin nagpapa-contest kayo na wala pa sa kamay ninyo ang supposed-prize na ia-award ninyo just in case may manalo at walang kasiguruhan kung ibibigay sa inyo ng Samsung ang promised unit o hindi? Bakit Samsung po ang may authority at magde-decide kung mag-aaward ng winner o hindi? Di po ba sa inyo ang pa-contest na ito. Regarding the charity/outreach project of Samsung, di po ba dapat wala na kayong pakialam doon. At sa pagkakaalam ko ay sadyang may allocation na ang Samsung sa ganoong project nila. Ang para kay Juan ay para kay Juan, di po ba?… I may sound too selfish kasi nga ibibigay daw sa charity yong laptop. The means justify the end, finally? (Robinhood’s new version?)…

Remember a former Philippine President saying “sorry”, was it acceptable to the public majority? It’s the moral issue that’s involved… Come to deeply think of it, Sir Jayvee. Maliit at materyal na bagay lang po iyan kung titignan pero malaki po ang impact niyan sa inyong credibility.

Last comment ko na po ito, promise!
At appeal ko po sa lahat ng mga nagco-comment na kagaya ko, sana po ay walang bad mouthing o below the belt kasi palagay ko po ay maraming minors na nagmo-monitor sa development ng isyung ito.
Peace to all…
Again, merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to everyone and God bless po….

It’s his decision so respect it. Ako man ay nalungkot sa no-winner announcement dahil I was also an entrant pero ang importante ay he’s sorry, he learned from it, at sa mabuti naman naibigay yung laptop. Laptop lang yun para umasta kayo ng ganyan. Stop talking like you were scammed. I bet it was never his intention to not give the prize away to any of us.

Merry Christmas Jayvee!

@vicente ferrer thanks for your inputs. they are greatly appreciated especially since you state them constructively and you disclose who you are. as for the issue of credibility, i admit to making a mistake in not double checking with the sponsor so it’s my bad. it is clear now that we have different opinions as to what the right thing to do is. for one, you aren’t in my position but i do understand that you are trying to empathize with me. let’s move on. it is unfortunate that this happened. i was planning for this contest since september 2010 and i am at that point where i am slightly regretting it, para wala nang hassle diba? but im sticking through. it’s my contest. i have the final say. samsung did not approach me for this. i went to more than 10 companies. this was supposed to be a celebration of sorts. but yeah i do appreciate that you aren’t trolling like the others.

if it is one thing that is worth celebrating, it’s the varied opinions. at least we can agree to disagree. =)

thanks and happy holidays!

I for one appreciate the professionalism Jayvee has displayed through this entire thing. So perhaps he made a mistake and found himself in a bit of a delicate situation. He made the tough choice and stands by it. That, I believe, is admirable. I hope we can all move on. Happy holidays folks! May the spirit of giving and forgiving be in all your hearts. You dicks.

for the nth time people, TIME TO MOVE ON… i myself submitted more than 20 entries. if we let this thing drag on, there won’t be any closure to this issue. jayvee made his decision, and he stands by it. let’s just respect that. he admitted his fault, and for me it’s enough. it’s just a laptop. as jim paredes has said in one of his tweets before, “you’ll never miss what you never had,” so let’s put an end to this debate once and for all. if you really want a to win something, there are a lot more lined up next year starting january 11 (tama ba jayvee)? peace and happy holidays…

Tama ka Vicente I. Ferrer! Ang “Maliit at materyal na bagay” ay deserving ng 1356-character comment!

At tama ka din, “mr. rules“, dahil mahirap talaga mag-compose ng acronym! Walang sinabi yung mga triathletes diyan.

Jayvee, kelangan mong ayusin ‘to. Mag-bigay ka nalang ng Samsung gaming notebook sa lahat na sumali sa contest mo. /entitlement

I wonder anyone from Samsung read any of the trolls’ comments… Ano kaya ang comment nila? Hmmmmmm…

@ Sir Jayvee: Oops… this is not a comment regarding the controversial issue. I’ve promised not make further comments on it.
Suggestion ko lang po, kasi nakikita kong parang one of your passions ang photography, why not hold a photo contest? At sana huwag popularity contest ang judging (I mean, not through public voting). Pwede rin namang voting but after you have presented your top 5 selected personal choices. Kung wala pa po kayong sponsor, then pwede naman sigurong i-give away niyo na lang po ang one of your junked camera (yong slightly used ha, at least remembrance from you… he he he!). Pwedeng theme niyo po ngayon ang current holiday season para nang sa ganon hindi masyadong mahaba ang gap ng contest vacation mo. I know for sure marami ring mahihilig ng photography dito na kagaya po ninyo. Cheer up!….

It will not be over. You will be haunted. πŸ˜€

But it’s a good thing because it will increase your readership. That’s why I wanna try the tactic out. πŸ˜€

LOL Rico. I was gonna ask nga how a misunderstanding over a laptop can cause such an uproar when anyone didn’t even lose anything in the first place. Ka-level ba ng world hunger ang problema that it merits this much attention?

Obviously the people affected the most are those who don’t frequent the site before the contest series started. Avid readers would know how Jayvee operates (hence the successful first two rounds of the series).

Shame that people will have hatred in their hearts this Christmas.

^ You have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you? πŸ™‚ I believe the link was an aid to let people know that it’s a legit CSR effort. The article might be outdated, but the charity is still alive.

I suggest that you click the little X button at the upper right corner if think you’re being scammed. I tell you, it’ll do you good πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas!

ou nga pwd ph0t0 c0ntest, but n0t lng sna based sa pgalingan ng dslr, cp lg kc me. Haha . .ung my theme tlga. .for sample mg wriwrite o mg dadraw kmi ng abuggedlife den picture wid self. Hehe

LOL @ the Trolls! Thank you for the entertaining posts.

@Jayvee, Awesome contest and kudos to your decision to give the notebook to charity.

Merry Christmas and a fruitful new year! =)

Photography equipment would be great! Pero ang nakakatakot lang eh baka pagalingan nanaman sa photos so yung mga walang equipment who would need them, sila yung natatabunan ng mga hobbyist na. πŸ™ Lagi kasing ganun nangyayari πŸ™

Two ways to get rid out of it w/ regards of this issue:


easy lang di ba? kaya what are u waiting for?!

@jayvee… last comment ko na din to ok? we understand very much what ur feeling ryt now. pasensya n din kng over kme magreact ksi sa totoo lang nahirapan tlaga at nageffort kme ng todotdo sa pacontest nyo. Anyways, thanks for dat and for me.. ok na sakin na walang samsung shark. all i want is that you could answer these questions which I think, is very importand to your avid readers and would greatly fix things up.

1. Did you really scanned or bothered to study carefully each and every one’s hard-thought entry?
2. Have you really short-listed the top 10 entries?
3. IF YES, WHERE ARE THEY? can u announce it on this blog right now?

Hope to end this controversy after uv answered all these questions. Thank you very much again and May you have a Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

P.S. Sorry for being mean. (coz the wrong proclamation really affected us) πŸ˜‰

@Joel Avatari who said “kudos to your decision to give the notebook to charity”. Sorry but I think hindi si Mr. Jayvee ang nagdecide na ibigay sa charity yung laptop. As usual, the Samsung guys, the guys with the “final say”, made the final decision.

This is what Jayvee said:

“ok guys. was exchanging a couple of SMS with samsungÒ€ℒs marketing to address the stalemate. what they told me (and i think it is for the best) is that they are donating the computer to their charitable initiatives (might be their Samsung HOPE campaign for technology education for kids”

@shamesung: my decision. deal with it.

@mr. rules

1. yes. for this contest series i usually just sift through entries at the last day. but for this particular week, i realized, come middle of the week, that there were just too many entries. so what i did was to choose my top 2 entries per day and list them down on a piece of paper. then come sunday, i made my final decision based on the ones i wrote.

2. and 3. good idea but think of what would happen — it would give more fodder for people to criticize my decision to pick the winner. that would just open a can of worms. so let’s move on. thanks! =)

Very Filipino-ish attitude that when someone failed, you will just forget the rest of the entrants, everything. This kind of retraction doesn’t happen in U.S. based contests and giveaways. At least, I never heard of it so far.

Please don’t reason out again anything just to turn your back from giving away the happiness we participants deserve regardless the prize’s worth!

When you commit to a contest, make it all the way! Word of honor anyone?

Whatever is the reason behind it, next time commit to what you have promised! Or better yet, if you’re not sure you’ll reward a winner, tag the contest title with “winner not guaranteed” so that we won’t expect for anything goody2x and you don’t have to expect at least a thousand visits that can help generate interests in your assorted product promotional posts.

Kakanta na nga lang ako ng nababagay na kanta para dito.

I started a joke
which started the whole world crying
But I didn’t see
that the joke was on me, oh no

I started to cry
which started the whole world laughing
Oh if I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

I looked at the skies
running my hands over my eyes
And I fell out of bed
hurting my head
from things that I’d said

Jst wanted to know if u really did selected the top 10 that’s it. maybe u didn’t that’s why u wont post them πŸ™‚

its not a matter of opening cans of worms but proving what uv really done for the hard-thought entries. wht do u tnk? why be afraid to release the top 10, thats what uv decided so what? πŸ˜‰ at least uv proven urself for the things uv done. Thanks

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