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Alamid Cafe Xpress inside ROX: My photos suck, but their coffee is amazing

Alamid Cafe Xpress is located inside R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street

There are a number of hobbies that can really hook you. For me, there’s the diving and then coffee. You all know about the former. So let’s talk about the latter. Pulling shots is addicting. I’m addicted. I blame the trance-like whirling sounds of the machine and the smell that fills the room when 16 bars of pressure is applied to a freshly ground batch of arabica. Then there’s the frothing of milk and the pouring that dapples the white with the browns of the coffee’s heart. And of course, there’s the taste. It’s a bitterness only an adult can enjoy embroidered with the image of a horse kicking your senses silly.