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This is my 10th year with SMART! I’m giving away an iPad 4 w/ Retina Display to celebrate!

Contest is over folks! I spent the weekend rummaging through hundreds of entries. After choosing one, I slept on it, thus furthering my resolve that this person indeed won the contest. Congratulations to Laurence San Pedro!


Why he won: After going through hundreds of entries, I was able to visualize Laurence San Pedro’s entry because of the cool image he attached as a Twitter card. Although this wasn’t a requirement in the contest, the extra effort paid off. It was the most unique way to present the answer to the contest question.

Congratulations Laurence San Pedro! We will be in touch so you can pick up the iPad from SMART Communications.

Mostly Everything

And now, a special message from the author of this blog

Dear readers,

I’ve served as the resident blogger and proprietor of A Bugged Life for the past 5 years. Even longer if you count my original domain at (sadly I don’t have the password anymore). I thought long and hard to see how I could celebrate this milestone and decided that there are really two reasons why this blog has grown to what it is today. Note that I never intended A Bugged Life to be a site for tech news. It was originally intended as a repository of my articles before Mobile Philippines was revamped (those were the good ‘ol days). As I got into the blogging groove, 2007-2008 became the year of SEO so updating the blog almost daily and concentrating on keywords became tantamount. Also, sticking to your niche for Adsense purposes.

The blog changed in 2009 where I realized that I wasn’t happy “reporting.” In truth, the site was always more like a personal blog to me which is why I also do insert some of my geeky cravings (such as reverse vacuum coffee) and of course, diving in the Philippines.

For the holidays I wish to celebrate Christmas by giving away a lot of things. I love gadgets. So do my readers. In a way it pains me that none of the things I will be giving away go to me, but I guess that’s really what giving means — IT HURTS! Netbooks, Android phones, an Android Tablet, an iPhone … well the list goes on. These are all prizes worth winning and I wanted to make sure that every prize is highly coveted.

During the months of December to January I will be holding a gadget raffle. These are all high ticket items from IT companies that have helped me out in the past 5 years in blogging. I had hoped to do this once a week but realized that December is a hectic month so we will be splitting the raffle into two parts — one that starts next week towards the middle of December and another that resumes after the holidays. On a side note I think bloggers should learn to take control of their sites. By this I mean that things like contests and events should be executed with them taking the lead, and not just on the client’s end. I am so happy to have several companies supporting this effort and if it is successful I’ll probably do this regularly throughout 2011.

Next week we start with SMART Communications. They’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Stay tuned 🙂