Mostly Everything

Do you still read books? Or are you only reading the Internet?

“Read more books than blogs.” This is an ad from Analog Soul, a tee company.

I think the message isn’t to stop reading blogs OR to read more books. Neither is it about hating blogs or new media – heck, Analog Soul uses Multiply as their marketing tool. The disciplines of reading books and reading blogs (and stuff online) is very very different! I think the communication point is more of a commentary on how we need to balance our life. 🙂

They are a statement tee and apparel err … outfit (LOL!) and Analog Soul knows how to be pretty good at it. They need to be brazened and make these statements. Oh and they got great stuff by the way. Should drop by one time.

On another note, do you still read books despite your BUSY BUSY SCHEDULE? I still do – but much less nowadays. To cope with always being on the go, I listen to them on my iPod via Audible. That’s one book credit a month – 12 books in a year! I’m currently reading listening to the unabridged version of The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki.

In this endlessly fascinating book, New Yorker columnist James Surowiecki explores a deceptively simple idea that has profound implications: large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant—better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future. [Random House]

Wrote about the book here, but only getting to actually listen this month. It’s fantastic!

Thanks to Richelle for the info I was looking for. Image credit is from Analog Soul.