Alternatives to flying

What a week! And its only Wednesday. I missed out on two trips this week – the first for Australia for Nokia and the second for Singapore for the WCG 2005. And thus I’ve learned my lesson (1) to renew my passport when it expires and (2) renew my passport when it expires. Almost forgot, (3) to renew my passport when it expires.

So I should always renew my passport when it expires. And I did, just yesterday. With a fantastically spanking new picture. Haha.

So my midweek pretty much filled out in spite of having no trips. Monday was interesting because m|PH recorded our first Podcast which will be launched in an event together with other local industries on the 22nd. Yep, so you’ll hear me, Adel (read his own account)and Art in the iTunes Music Store pretty soon.

Tuesday was fun – ran from one event to another. The AM was pretty much divided between the EPSON X3 projector launch as well as the unveiling of the new 5th gen iPod with video playback.

On the pic to the left is myself and Sharon during a Mapalad gathering yesterday. I must say, its one of the better pics where I look different. So maybe if I lose a little bit more weight, I’ll really start to look like this person. It’s really embarassing when the McDonald’s counter guy, the bank teller, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf counter chick and the Chowking busboy call me “Uma.”

m|PH October-November is out!

It’s out! This is a very memorable issue for most of us at HIP. First of all, we’ve racked our brains deciding on what color the cover would take and we just decided to go psychidelic (sp?) because of the Austin Powers-esque retro theme.

Second, it is the first issue of m|PH under the new Hinge-Inquirer banner as you can see from the blue and white HIP logo on the lower left.

On a personal note this is also the first issue where I’ve taken the title of Managing Editor together with Art. As a result, I took my virgin trip to the fabled Mamplasan Print Town where I spent the wee hours of the morning proofing several pages of articles and ads.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I had fun making it. I especially enjoyed reviewing the Nokia N90 and the Sony Ericsson W800i.

Seen at the m|PH blog

Site browser problems?

Logged on using Internet Explorer today and noticed how my right sidebar gets pushed to the bottom because of my post images. On Firefox for Windows and Mac, everything looks OK though.

DO send me a message if you’re having problems viewing the site and tell me what browser you’re using so I can adjust. Thanks!

The dog that changed my family

My family had undergone a dramatic change when this little boy came under our roof almost three months ago. The heavy mood that draped the house turned over almost immediately, painting a brighter picture of what it was like when I was 6.

We were a dog family – when we could afford to maintain the upkeep. Twelve Pugs, two German Shepherds and a Beagle later we decided it was time for rest. That was ten years ago. And thus, ten years later I figured that my mom’s senile aura could be broken if I surprised her with a new member of the family, as long as i didn’t get anyone pregnant.

So meet Hondo. Ever since he came to our roof, good things have been happening. My mom calls him our little lucky charm: In terms of work, I finally found the jobs I wanted. My brother got thinner and his skin condition improved. My mom and dad have become less grumpy, though age really does amazing things to people approaching 60.

It wasn’t always like this. When I got Hondo, he was a three month old Boston Terrier. It so happened (to my dismay) that he had an enlarged tummy which I thought was pretty normal for young pups that ate a lot. Long story short, he was sick. He had the worms and also suffered the chance of having an enlarged liver. At this point, I tried to ignore a very difficult question – do I return him to the owner and ask for my money back? I couldn’t do it. It’s like being gifted with a child with disabilities and not being grateful for the gift of life.

So I made a choice and nursed the boy back to health with several days worth of medication and a strict diet. Yes it cost me, but I can’t quantify the rewards our little doggie has brought today. While I was at work on the seventh day of Hondo’s medication, my mom sent me a message saying “Look, Hondo is running and jumping around the house.” Tears of joy.

I love you little Hondo! Even if you pee on everything when you get excited! And bite my toes. And eat the grass. And collect garden stones and put them in your collection pile.

Stuff Added

Updated blogroll links as well as my cool Flickr badge.

If I am forgetting people who have linked to me as well, please tell me here so I can post your personal weblogs too. I’m currently debating whether to keep the title text on top since it looks really neat as it is – or – put an image banner.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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