Stuff Added

Updated blogroll links as well as my cool Flickr badge.

If I am forgetting people who have linked to me as well, please tell me here so I can post your personal weblogs too. I’m currently debating whether to keep the title text on top since it looks really neat as it is – or – put an image banner.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers!

NB – comments are currently set at moderated. There’s a long debate on the pros and cons of comment moderation especially for blogs but as of late I’m doing this to get a feel of WordPress, especially against spam.

Jayvee here

me!Welcome to my new home! I would like to thank Jeremy for helping me set this one up. The fella is at AdTech right now so I wish him luck in bringing in the $$$ for all of us.

Thanks for taking time off to do this, Jer. A backgrounder – Jer and I have “met” on various occasions when I started blogging for b5media. He’s one of my virtual bosses with our b5 office represented in our Google Groups as well as on Skype. I am currently the editor for Cellphone9, though I’m hoping for a name change soon to reflect a more diverse retinue of mobile technology.

If you’re reading this now, then you’re seeing the site’s beta version. Not that there’s a lot to be changed, ya see. I decided to keep the name abuggedlife from my previous blog. Who knows, it might turn into its own microbrand.

Welcome to my new and improved personal blog!


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Please start the year 2006 with 10 fingers. Happy New Year, friends!