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Have you ever regretted deleting something from your system? Admit it — it’s happened to the best of us, whenever a computer is involved. Be it (accidentally) installing something malicious, negotiating a virus or dealing with good ‘ol wear and tear, we’re always at risk of losing data.

Hard disks and particularly portable flash drives are extremely vulnerable to these errors and attacks. Almost every one of us has encountered at least one of the above said disaster with our data. But instead of simply being sorry for, there are other alternatives readily available to you.

Losing important and years of saving of crucial documents might be considered as the biggest upset for any computer user. Most of the times the lost or deleted data can be recovered by the thousands of data recovery tools available online. But not all of them work all the time, some might work good for some specific situations of data loss and some might work really well for specific file formats recovery. But none of them is as efficient as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. How? Let’s see how it is different from other data recovery software.
Losing essential and years of precious data is most likely the biggest loss for any computer user. Most of the times the lost or deleted data could be recovered by hundreds and thousands of data recovery tools available today. However not all of them work all the time, some might work for some certain scenarios of data loss and some might work really well for specific file formats. None of them is as efficient as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
Let’s learn how it is unique as one of the the best recovery software available online.
EaseUS is one of the most trusted names when it concerns lost data recovery, backup and restore services. Like other of their items EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is undoubtedly an excellent tool to recover any type of lost or deleted data from any type of device and situation.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional recovers data from any scenario you can think of. You can get your lost data back after simple deleting the files, partition loss of the drive, virus attack, and bad sectors in the drive and even recover data from an entirely formatted hard disk drive!
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional has the ability to recover almost all of the lost or deleted files with precise same file names and folder paths.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional supports virtually of all type of hardware where digital data can be conserved. You can recover from a raw partition of hard drive, USB drives, digital electronic cameras, memory cards and other devices. It supports hard drive recovery for the drive with storage of upto 8TB.

How to use the Data Recovery wizard.

1. Connect the Drive from which you want to recover your erased files to your system. Attempt to connect it to the fastest port readily available so that your files are recuperated rapidly.
2. Launch Data Recovery Wizard. After launching you will see a window where you choose the type of files you wish to recover.

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3. After choosing the files type just click on scan to begin the recovery. A window will appear which will show you the status of scanning. You can see the progress of scanning in real time. A couple of buttons are active on the screen, one for pause and other for stopping the process.
4. When you are sure that of your files are being recovered, save them on any partition of the hard drive. You can also use the tool for a whole partition recovery of the hard drive.
5. Once your files are copied on your disk, then you can safely close the recovery tool.
The tool works on almost all hardware and devices, it is capable of recovering all common file types in no time. You can recover all documents including office file, media files and all common file types like .zip, .txt, .rar and others.
When recovery scan is completed you will see a list of all the recoverable files in their original folders. To save time for the recovery process, you can reduce the file type selection. You can pause the recovery process anytime you wish to save CPU power when you’re multi-tasking.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is supported by all versions of Mac & Windows. You can also install a self-executable portable version on a USB drive which you can run on system boot for a quick recovery on system startup.

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