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FLASH FICTION CONTEST: Giving away 3 Nokia X3 Phones

UPDATE: Please see rules. I failed to include the limit of characters.

Hello! New year, new contest! And this January, we are starting with Nokia. Nikka Abes of Nokia Philippines has ordered three Nokia X3 Touch and Type phones. SRP is PHP 8,999. The Xseries is the revamped XpressMusic line of Nokia, perhaps the line which I personally find to be most succesful with its value proposition for entertainment. So we have 3 and we’re giving it away. But here’s how it will work.


1. There will be three winners of three mini-contests. The first contest will end 11:59PM of Wednesday. The second deadline is 11:59PM of Friday and the third will end 11:59PM of Sunday.

2. The contest is FLASH FICTION. If you don’t know what it is, this is the type of creative fiction which you can do with as little words as possible. The limit is 144 characters (including the space and periods, commas, etc) so if your limit is essentially one Tweet. Leave the entries in my comments section.

Example: Perhaps the most famous is the work by Hemmingway which goes something like: For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.. English / Filipino / Taglish entries are OK. Avoid abbreviations.

3. The themes:

HORROR Monday – Wednesday 11:59PM
ROMANTIC COMEDY Thursday midnight – Friday 11:59PM
MYSTERY Saturday midnight – Sunday 11:59PM

As you can see, themes are pretty generic. Have fun!

Clock is based on the timestamp of the comments.

4. I’m choosing the winner. If there are any discrepancies with the rules whatsoever, I’ll have final say with the rules after considering the comments from readers. Winners wil be announced a couple of hours after each mini contest ends, also announcing the beginning of the new series.

5. This contest is open to everyone from the Philippines. if you live outside the PH, we will have to ship the prize to you courtesy of Nokia. They will take care of it. If you won once, you can’t win again. But you can submit as many entries as you wish (you can even combine them if you want). Entries that are heavily offensive / done in bad taste / pornographic won’t be counted. PG-13 allowed.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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Be prepared for the reality of your nightmares.Time has come for all darkness to take over. Mankind is struggling to escape with nowhere to run to survive. See you at the dead END!

HORROR: Unnoticed & jostled around by crazed shoppers of SM Megamall, the poltergiest decides to haunt Shangri-la instead.

ROMANTIC COMEDY: A romance born inside a defective elevator. She’s a declared lesbian who thought he was a girl because of his bodacious hair. He’s confused & bicurious.

MYSTERY: How does Pnoy arrive at a decision?

NIGHTMARES has come to reality. The AWAKENING of darkness now begin. The DEAD END approaches NEAR!

Not an entry. Pero naalala ko itong shortest horror story na nabasa ko dati.

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…”

Tok tok tok. Don’t open the door. Stay in that corner. Close your eyes. I’m going out. I’ll face the monster. Just stay here. Whatever you hear. Whatever you feel. Don’t come out till it’s morning.

HORROR: The sheep got tired of being counted. So they murdered the shepherd in his sleep.

On my way to work one day, I talked to myself. The idea that we live in Charlie Kaufman’s universe may not be that far-fetched. Blagag. Scary.

Wrong grammar pa yung entry ko..jeje. Here’s another one:

In a dark-tranquil night, evils call with shadowy voices; trembling your mind and soul with fears and hallucination.

Close your eyes and start counting from one to ten, after that you’ll see yourself either in hell or in heaven.

The universe has come to an end and there’s only nothing. For the second time, God says, “Let there be light.” Nothing happens.

Horror… Ver 1.

The Halloween party is in full swing. Taylor receives a text. “YOU WILL BE DEAD BY MIDNIGHT”, at that moment, everyone’s phone started to beep.

Horror… Ver 2.

It’s 5 am, as a cop for 9 years, never seen anything like this, children killed in their sleep, heads missing; Suddenly, screams from next door…

Romantic comedy …. Ver 1;

My long time fiancee finally let me meet her relatives; upon arrival at her family estate the butler said. “Don Corleone your daughter is here.”

Romantic Comedy … Ver 2;

Met her online, typical net romance, went to her place as a surprise. There, the burly doorman shouted. “GODFATHER, someone is here to Lisa.”

Mystery… ver1.

My ordinary wife got a boring government job. While away on a trip, I decided to peek at her diary, Last entry–at last, I’ll finally meet him

Mystery… ver2.

Clothes, purse, everything, all here and accounted for, wife missing for days, Last diary entry on her diary –at last I will get to meet him

Babaeng nagdadasal ng Ama Namin, tinawanan, niloko, sinasabayan ng demonyo. sigaw niya “bakit ka nagdadasal sa diyos mong pinatay ko na?”

Horror ,,,… Ver 3.
2nd year of the zombie apocalypse, alone at home, keeping a low profile; Food supply is getting low, need to forage. Why is the front door open?

Romantic Comedy… Ver 3.
To my tall, industrious, smart, handsome, and well endowed husband: Ok, 4/5 but I still love you all the same. Happy anniversary!

Mystery… Ver 3.
Subject is 18 years old, male, asian. Cause of death, massive trauma from vehicular accident & what appears to be a human bite mark in the neck.

The doctor backed away in fear. Mary cradled her grotesque newborn and crooned, “Hush child. You are blessed. The angel Lucifer came to me and said I would bear a son…”


Hurry Join Ukay-Ukay 2011: buy 3 Assorted (human and animal) Livers for P666, and get Blood for FREE


When the timer goes off, your mouth will be ripped open. The key to open the device is in the stomach of your dead cellmate. John, Saw 2004

Sa kadiliman, sila’y makapangyarihan. Papasukin ang yong kaisipan at pukawin ang misteryong pinakatatakutan.

I am alone in my room. I look at the dresser mirror, and there is someone standing behind me. I turn around; there’s nobody there.

Hindi laruan yang hawak nyo ma’am. Shrunken head po ang tawag d’yan. Tunay na ulo ng tao na pinaliit ng mga indigenous people ng Amazon.

Papaano ako maniniwalang patay na s’ya kahapon pa eh tinawagan pa nya ako sa cellphone ko kanina?!


Papaano ako maniniwalang patay na s’ya kahapon pa eh tinawagan pa nya ako sa cellphone ko kanina?!


“Hurry Join Ukay-Ukay 2011: BUY 3 assorted (human and animal) liver for P666, and get Blood for FREE”

Knock knock.

A candle is lit. “Who’s there?”

A man chuckles. Knock knock.

“Leave me alone! I won’t let you in!”

Silence. The candle goes out.

“There’s no need. I’m here now.”

Having survived a terrible car accident, you went to a nearby mirror. Getting closer,the reflection shows the wreck… but there is no you.


Stroll in Quiapo nets unsolicited advice. “Ahh,” said the serial skeptic. The medium smiled. The apparition grinned wider.

Horror: The woman smiled as she fed her baby more milk from her bosom. “There, there. I want to serve your father a feast for his birthday.”

Romantic-Comedy: “Jimmy, txt me if u really lov me or jst using me. Sending you load nw.”

oops, i just realized now that my entries are over the limit! i forgot to count the spaces. please disregard my former comments. below are my edited versions. thanks. 🙂


The doctor gasped. Mary cradled her grotesque newborn and crooned, “Hush blessed one. The angel Lucifer came and said I would bear a son…”


Knock knock.

A candle is lit. “Who’s there?”

A man chuckles.

“Go away! I won’t let you in!”

Silence. The candle goes out.

“No need. I’m here now.”


“A bullet in the face is better than a knife in the back, he always said,” the witness says. Killer: sarcastic, writes the detective.

@Jayvee Fernandez
I’ve created a simple yet effective and useful program for you kung kelangan mo para po mapadali ang pagbibilang mo sa mga mahahabang characters, I’m not sure kung kelangan pa nito ng .Net Framework 4.0, sa Visual Studio 2010 ko kasi ginawa yan, ito yung program:

here’s my another entry:
A text message from 09081231234 saying “Alam mo ba kung bakit lagi akong nasa iyong panaginip, kasi ang bangkay ko ay nasa ilalim ng kama mo.”

— THANKS!!!! — jayvee f.

Driving alone on dark gloomy night, you looked at the rear view mirror, suddenly you saw someone sitting behind you holding an axe…


Driving alone on dark gloomy night, you looked at the rear view mirror, suddenly you saw someone sitting behind you holding an axe…

Thought I was alone.
Too dark in here.
Curtains sway as I pass by a mirror.
I see her.
She stares, gasps and runs away.
I died earlier.

Tatlong araw na akong nagigising sa pagdampi ng nakabitin niyang paa sa aking mga pisngi. Note to self: buy pala, find lote.

I’m sorry, Sara, she thought as she swallowed hard and mumbled “I do” to the man Sara loved. He’s ugly anyway; I’m saving you.

He shushed his beating heart so she wouldn’t know he was lying underneath her feet. It was for her own good that he let them bury him alive.

He wanted to know what happened to her after vanishing. Now that he knew, he wasn’t sure he could free himself from the drying cement.

She slowly woke up and looked into her husband’s love-filled eyes. Silent conversation passed between them b4 the widow went back to sleep.

Crying over someone from six feet below the ground, then when you turn around the monster got your hand…

Darkness is raining down on me, creatures haunt me down till I’m nowhere to be seen…

What they look for is fresh meat, so if you value your life start playing hide and seek…

Under your bed is where the monster stays. Keep your blanket on or it’ll pull your leg…

Bite marks on your neck are the proofs, beware ’cause soon you’ll be haunting for thick blood too!

Hide now in seclusion, be sure to never show yourself. ‘Cause if they see you you’ll surely lose your head!

Deep in the darkness the monsters are haunting, never turn your back or they might grab your knee!

Time for bed my dear. Let me envelope your cold body with mine. And he closed the casket as the daybreak comes in.

We’ve been going out for years & I’m all yours faithfully, what more can you ask for? That for once, treat me in resto not using a GC!

Hi Sir Jayvee! Following are my entries for the horror theme:

At 400 feet, he started screaming. He stayed there, up in the air, held by my gaze. Then I let him fall. I smiled.

She opened her eyes. An axe fell down. It was too late to even breathe or scream.

She lit the candles and prayed. Then she waited. They came. She smiled and pushed the dagger in her gut.

My winnings at last night’s poker game: three fingers and one kidney. Not bad at all.

I can see you, sitting in front of the computer, reading the flash fiction entries. I can also see an old woman in white standing behind you.

And the wise man said, “The face in the mirror is your reflection, the image you see… but not what the dead saw or the living sees…”

not an entry. i think i wrongly input my email add for the entry ‘tic tac says the clock. then midnight strike. an awkward chime. suddenly i feel terrified’.

Hubby called
You missed it
Another call
You take it
It was his friend
“Your husband was shot. He didn’t make it.”
Hubby texted
“Will pick you up later”

“The pain will stop soon,” he whispered to her. He wiped the blade clean. Then he started whistling as he went out the door.

The doctor lovingly caresses the glass jar which contains his latest collection: a thousand human eyes.

The rats looked really hungry. There was nowhere to run. He took out his gun, pulled the trigger and fell to the ground.

She’s always at the garden, playing and laughing alone. Until she says that her friend has always been with her.


Gasping, she fell into the empty church. Finally, she says. Safety.

And then she heard it: laughter, drawing near. And a whisper.


Horror 2:

He found the source of the sound; a hummed lullaby. Smiling at him was a girl, staring, while perched on the upper left corner of his room.

Here are my entries..:

For sale: Second hand Barong, fresh from the coffin!, slightly used.

(thunders blugging) Ding dong..!.ding dong..! someone is in the door! A girl holding a broom, suddenly lightings come up! “chainsaw massacre”!

sa loob ng jeepney…..
girl: mama bayad!
driver: miss kulang,!! yung kasama nyo ay?!

We are faced with the very gravest of challenges. The Bible calls this day “Armageddon” – the end of all things.

“1 – 2 – Freddy’s coming for you, 3 – 4 – Better lock your door, 5 – 6 – Grab your crucifix, 7 – 8 – Better stay up late, 9 – 10 – Never sleep again…”

Ganda ng Nokia X3 mo! I will use this to video ang paglilibing sa’yo ng buhay. Isesend ko sa family mo para may clue kung saan ka hahanapin.

If you can read this note it means you are inside my incinerator.


P.S. Door locks and fire starts 10 seconds after you entered.

Inside me, wild, it hisses for release.

He smirks.

I blink. Black.

– and red, suddenly, from a throat (softwhitebroken) I never held before.

Wag matulog malapit sa bintana. Pangil nila’y hangdang bumiktima; at baka kasunod ka! Malay mo…hindi ito biro.

HORROR.. ver 4.
HORROR… ver 4.
“Man, do you believe this crap in the papers? Something is running around campus eating peoples entrails?”
“Dude, what’s that behind you?”

HORROR… ver 5.

“Look the light was green and the idiot ran into me.”
“It’s not how you died, it’s how you lived. Welcome to Hell!”

HORROR… ver 6.

“My science and philosophy teachers said hell doesn’t exist!”
“You can discuss that with them personally, they are here too” The Devil said.

HORROR STORY #1: I woke up with a jolt. Clock says 3:33am. There’s a faint smell of sulfur.

HORROR STORY #2: Time in: 9:59 am. Time of death: 9:13am.

HORROT STORY #3: I can’t sh*t in peace. There’s always someone beside me…in front of me…behind me. The downside of having a sixth sense.

Look at the mirror above. That is your greedy heart pumping like crazy. Now let me show you how long your intestines are.

The police arrived too late. Body parts of unknown number of people are scattered all over the room. “Who or what did this?”

“When the timer goes off, your mouth will be ripped open. The key to open the device is in the stomach of your dead cellmate.”

The devil cried with him as the angel laughed all the way back to heaven. He did as God commanded but the silver coins he carried was dragging him to hell.

Her eyes smiled, bright, like the blade coming home in his neck, voiceless laugh echoing in his head.

He shouldn’t have tried to burn the doll.

Pistols to the crucifix, we could lose ourselves, drench these walls blood red. Don’t hide from me.

She wanted nothing else than to cradle his head with her hand.

And twist it until she can hear that gorgeous popping sound of his son’s neck.

Eat guts for breakfast, fresh blood, cold flesh, unbeating heart. What more could I ask for?

Devour those plump blue lips, your cold skin, arousing from my deep slumber. Holding boney hands, we slaughter for dinner, violently happy.

The old pendulum clock strikes 3am. Suddenly, the wind from nowhere blew my candle off and everything turns quiet. They are here.

Drunk by the mausoleum door, poppin’ pills. Gangly mistress with ashen hands, reaching out, snarling. Welcome to your grave.

You shiver yet drenched in sweat. Under your bed, a shadow, forlorn. Crimson eyes awaiting, razor-sharp fangs anticipating. Stay still.

Wag ni subukang pasukin ang mundo nang kababalaghan; kayo rin, baka wala nang labasan…Hwaahhhaahhhaaa!!!

The homeless, given shelter in a warehouse provided by Government. Population control. Grinding of meat. Your packet of corned beef is tasty.

Midnight riding a cab in a new town,driver suddenly stops in the cemetery and announced this is their destination,the dead center of town

Really, my sweet, don’t be afraid of the dark. Believe me, you’re better off seeing nothing. Mm, I think I’ll start with your eyes.

Crash the cemetery gates, let hell break loose. With a loaded gun and a heart undone, aim high. Pull the trigger.

As I hurriedly approach him,
The room suddenly went dark,
Something gripped on me,
I turn, and saw my own death.

Alone and being ignored, you give yourself a lonely hug. Then you felt a wound that stopped bleeding… and a heart that stopped beating.

Come join us,
the water is great.
Come join us,
there is no need to wait.
Come join us,
said the voices from beneath the lake.

He pressed his feverish forehead
against the window, taking in the
coolness of the glass.His breath frost it as he watched
the innocent

Techno-man A robot informs the sole
woman onboard a
spaceship that she does
not have the choices she
thought she had

A princess must be
courageous when she is
sacrificed of the village even if it means waiting
for the dragon who will be dining on her flesh

She was a Christian until
the town’s abuse went
to her limits to
endure. When they
killed her cat, she went to the old ways and to revenge.

This prompt called for a
story without using the
letter “i” and under 800
words. I failed, but this
is the corrected version.

“He stabbed me six times, severed my ear, put me in the pack, and threw me at the shoulder. I was draining and I had to act dead just then.”

I dreamt of my wife, eyes a solid black. Our child was dead in her arms. I woke up holding a bloody knife. My scream pierced the silent house.

HORROR: (resubmitted due to an abbreviation in previous entry)

She slowly woke up and looked into her husband’s love-filled eyes. Silent conversation passed between them before the widow went back to sleep.

You’re scared, cold, and shaking. The fires of hell will keep you warm until you’re very pleased.


While answering the call of nature around midnight, Tom smiled at himself in the bathroom mirror. Seconds passed, his reflection smiled back.

Wow Hon! Sarap ng dinuguan mo ngayon ah. Sakto yung alat! Nga pala… nasaan si Junior?

Home alone on a moonless night, a blackout occurred. Groping in the dark for the flashlight, out of nowhere, a lit candle was handed to John.

“Iho, buksan mo ang pinto, ang inay mo ito.”
Matagal nang patay ang nanay ko.
“Sinusundo na kita, magsasama na tayo sa impyerno”

Everything breaks my sanity:the eerie howling every night, the burning flesh, the bloodshot eyes, the failing heartbeat.

She opened the closet door that’s been left ajar..Blood stains..Something rolled out..

Her head.

Late at night around a creepy tree,you will see her on the tree with her baby in her arm singing to it and scaring anyone who trespass her tree.

I do not enjoy the company of others. I have a great alone-time during the day but not now as darkness falls.

Everyone around you is crying, you don’t know why. Until you found your body inside a casket.

Be silent. Be still. Alone. Empty. Before your God. But beware: silence is not always golden.

“I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly..”

“Please, please don’t kill me!” The raised dagger is set aside. A bread knife takes its place. “Okay, if you insist. I’ll play first.”

Asking for help however trapped in a telephone booth, she now gasped for air as the lead snake around her neck.

It’s alright to be afraid..It’s alright to be out of breath..It’s alright to die. As long as I’m with you, you’ll be okay.

birds falling from the sky;fishes scattered on the shore;cities submerged in water;non-stop rain in some parts of the world.signs of the times

Doc enters cell, injects a serum to an old disheveled woman. She opens her eyes, smiles. Doc chokes… and explodes.

sadako+Kayako(Ju-on)+chucky doll+Jason+Freddy Krueger+Jigsaw+ Frankenstein+Michael Myers= HEART ATTACK!


“This is a bad place. People have died here, the wrong way.”


We are fascinated by the darkness in ourselves, we are fascinated by the shadow, we are fascinated by the boogeyman.

I thought the one I invoked was friendly
Then out of fear I suddenly took my hand out the quija
He said “I am Lucifer, let’s play shall we?”

Dahil may katabaan si kuya, nahirapan akong iakyat siya sa second floor. Pero ok lang. At least hindi ako mauubusan ng pagkain this month.

I knew I forgot to check something in my car. We were racing down the hill so fast. And then I realized. No brakes.

Dying and finding out that I have failed to live my dreams and my life is the greatest horror.

Entering the church, a barrier’s blocking. Then a devil whispered to me: Hell’s the right way.

I’m the shadow on the moon tonight, I fill your dreams to the brim with fright. I am watching you.

Puke-green hands reach out to you. You struggle, you choke. Go on, pull the trigger. Heart squeezed, let there be bloodbath tonight.

Suck out thy eyeballs, rip off thy heart. Let me drag you back to hell, let it rain blood tonight. So long and goodnight.

Lovesick murderer for a lover. Hands held, he rips your heart out. She got her blood on his shirt. Eerily ever after.

Oh baby, why’d you left me? With a pistol in hand, I blew her brains out. Now, care to give death a try too, my love?

Under your covers, I slither my way through. I give you goosebumps, hold your icy-cold fingertips. Let me drag you back to hell, my love.

Pagpasok sa simbahan,merong isang hadlang papasok.Pagkatapos merong isang diablo bumulong sakin at ang sabi niya sa impyerno ang tamang daan.

Sa unang tumilaok ang manok-ang multo dapat Bumalik sa kanilang tahimik na libingan sa ibaba.

Jen watched the stars with her daughter at their 31st floor condo unit. She looked up at her and said, “Mom, will you kill me again?”

The heavy stench of blood is welcoming. My fangs itch to scrape your porcelain skin, sucked dry. Now stay still.

I confessed to him that I was a woman trapped in a man’s body. He said it was okay. I was happy.

He took it literally, and he had a knife.

Ang labis na pagpapahirap ng isang masamang budhi ay ang impiyerno ng isang buhay na kaluluwa.

In the middle of the night. Rain poured hard. Cold wind blew hard. A lady in white stood still. Lifeless.

Drift to sleep, my love. I lay beside your tempting form. Let me stab your heart, suck you dry, rip your guts, blow your brains out. Please.

@Jayvee Fernandez
remind ko lang po, i made a simple tool to help you count the characters para sa mahahabang entry, i2 po yung tool:

Another entry:
Kumakain ka ng mag-isa sa harap ng tv ng biglang may tumapik sa iyo sa likuran mo at ng paglingon mo sa likod ay wala namang tao.

Raindrops turns scarlet red tonight. What’s happening? I look down, angry hands clench a knife dug deep. So this is what death feels.

If the doctor persists, consult your symptoms – you are dying and you don’t even know it!

A girl enter a dark room, after a while the door locked itself and then she saw a headless man walking in front of her.

@Roxane S.
Thanks for the info poh
btw sorry hahaha hindi ko naisip yun eh, I’m not using twitter poh kasi =)

Romantic Comedy… Ver 4.
“Jane, I know I said I’ll do anything to prove my love to you, but sending your BROTHER to test me in bed?” “Tarzan I’m an only child.”

Romantic Comedy… Ver 5.
“We have been married for a long time and I’ve been patient, but I can’t take it anymore, I want a divorce!”
“But our 4 kids!”
“I’m impotent.”

Romantic Comedy

Hindi na ko mahuhulog sa ‘yo..
Kasi ‘pag kasama na kita, lumulutang na ako…

Romantic Comedy

Ang init ngayon no?
Dito ka sa puso ko… malamig.

Para kang algebraic expression
Minsan mahirap maintindihan
But when you’re in the simplest form
The best ka talaga naman

Apoy ka ba?
Kasi… ‘alab’ you! oh yeah…

Hindi ka ba nalulungkot, baby?
Nag-iisa ka lang kasi sa puso ko eh.

Grabe, ang dami na ng mga pick-up lines ngayon.
Wala na nga akong maisip na iba
Kundi ikaw.

Batas ka ba?
Kasi ikaw na lang laging sinusunod ng puso ko…
Minsan nga gusto ko na iviolate…
Para ako naman ang ikulong mo sa puso mo…

Kung madami ka naman nakikita sa paligid, baka pwedeng makahingi naman ako kahit konting pagtingin lang.

Nov.1 ngayon ah…
May dadalawin ka ba?
Ako na lang dalawin mo!
Tutal naman patay na patay ako sa ‘yo eh

Facebook ka ba?
Gusto kasi kita i-Like eh

Top view
Side view
Bottom view
Kahit anong view
‘I Love View’

tinodo ko na… hahaha…

eto pa…
tinext ko to sa crush ko eh…
PATOK naman siya…

“Dalawang beses lang naman kitang nais makasama…
… Now and Forever”

“Isang beses lang kita minahal…
Pagkatapos nun, hindi na natapos…”

“Tumingin ka sa ‘kin habang nakatingin ako sa ‘yo…
Para may pagtingin tayo sa isa’t isa.”

“Ako nang magbabayad ng tuition fee mo.
Basta pag-aralan mo lang na mahalin ako.”


I locked the door. I went inside my cabinet. I looked at my back, then boom! A long haired lady hanged looked at me with her missing eyes.


The man discovered that his mistress is a mistress to two other men. The man’s wife discovered her husband’s affair. One of the two other men discovered that he is not the mistress’ only man. One night, the third of the mistress’ three men found the mistress dead in bed.

Please disregard my previous comment. That was so over the limit. 😐 HAHA. I posted my entry in your more recent post. 🙂 Thanksss!

Romantic Comedy

Kung hindi ka para sa kanya….Wag mo na pilitin kasi baka hindi talaga kayo para sa isa’t isa… malay mo….. para sa akin ka…


How can you keep your feet on the ground if you need to fly high to reach for your dreams?

Nahirapan akong tumayo pag ako ay napahiga, lahat kayo ay nais akong patayin, lahat kayo ay aking gagapangin mamayang gabi -ipis

I thought that it was my sister who was inside the comfort room.The door opens and the lights were on.

Entry for MYSTERY*


(*Never meant to be offensive.It is totally wholesome I will tell the answer if I am chosen as a winner. Mysteriously exciting isn’t it? Pick me and have fun!)

She entered the room. Nothing’s unusual except for the broken window and a pool of blood on the table.

Three blood stained knives was found on his closet, he insists he’s innocent. A victim told the media that the killer isn’t him.

Itinago ni Pepe ang notebook ni Rap. “Hindi lang lectures ang laman nito,” isip niya. “baka dito nakasulat ang lihim nila ni Susan.”

Bumili si Nene sa tindahan, ramdam niya ang bawat tingin sa kanya ng mga tsismosang nadadaanan niya. Alam na siguro nila.

mas magaling ako kay Balanar pag gabi
alam yan ng mahal ko kasi kasama ko siya tuwing gabi!


Her knees gave way and she crumpled to the floor, gasping for breath. A single word escaped between each sob. “Why?”

Romantic Comedy:

Her lips locked with mine in a sweet blueberry kiss.
Then she blinked and stomped in dismay.
“I kissed you, froggy, now where’s my prince?”

(139 characters)

MYSTERY:When a mysterious shadow entity is killing random people all around the town, Ella doesn’t really pay attention or care. Until his vengeance hits close to home

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