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Let There Be (a Sea & Sea YS-110 α Strobe) Light!

The last piece of the puzzle is complete. Been saving up for this (and a sync cable) for a while now. The complete picture is a single strobe configuration for my UW DSLR for shooting close ups.

The YS-110 is essentially my flash underwater. Down there, you need as much light as you can get.

The YS-110α introduces numerous new exciting functions, opening a whole new digital generation. For example, by connecting it to digital cameras with pre-flash function using a fiber-optic cable, the YS-110α can be used in the fully automatic DS-TTL adjustment mode (Digital Slave TTL). Enjoy complete creative control – when you want absolute control over fine light adjustments, you can use a main strobe in DS-TTL mode and a secondary strobe in manual mode or you can set up an advanced lighting system using two strobes in DS-TTL mode. The DS-TTL adjustment function is also available using the light level control dial for fine control of the light amount when taking pictures in DS-TTL mode. You can also choose from 13 levels of manual controls when you do not want to leave the light adjustment up to the camera. The flat, round, 105° beam angle (with diffuser), achieved by the balanced positioning of the 3 flash tubes, and the power of a Guide Number 22 are examples of the excellent performance of the strobe that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

Will show the complete picture soon.

Bought from:
Splash UW Imaging
Sea & Sea YS-110 α
PHP 24,500.00

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

45 replies on “Let There Be (a Sea & Sea YS-110 α Strobe) Light!”

I think the “No onw wins” decision for the samsung shark contest is much much better based on the following reasons:

First. Sabi ni Mr. Jayvee sa announcement ng contest na “Remember, I’ll be asking help from someone from their team (with me having the final say)”. Now when they announced the winner, he said “Samsung felt that his entry was simple and captured the essence of their products.” What? Because of what Samsung felt? How bout what you felt? Mukhang Samsung yung may “final say” ah? Nagduda na ako on “who’s the boss” nung sabihin ni Mr. Jayvee na “guys, just got off the phone with juno from samsung. we both have our choices na kasi but we need to do a tie breaker.” Dun pa lang kung sya ang may “final say” hindi na dapat mag tie breaker pa. Dapat yung choice nya ang nasunod.

Second. Ang sabi pa “Have fun! Be creative! Make us laugh!”. Sorry pero wala akong nakitang nakakatawa sa winning entry. Kayo natawa ba? Tapos dinagdagan pa nga nila ng “Samsung felt that his entry was simple and captured the essence of their products.” Ha? San galing yun? Ano na nangyari sa “Have fun! Be creative! Make us laugh!” Hahahaha!

Third. The most “creative” and “funny” winning entry was submitted way past the deadline. Ok lang yun if they announced earlier na merong extension. But even Mr. Jayvee himself, eh mukhang hindi aware na extended yung contest nya. Here’s what Jayvee said on December 14, 2010, at 2:13 PM (3 days after the deadline) when people asked kung extended at dahil may mga nagsusubmit pa rin ng entries:

“guys, this contest is finished. nung saturday pa. new contest out.”

Hindi ba naisip ng Samsung na maging kahiyahiya si Jayvee when they announced na “In the future, we shall make sure to announce that the contest is extended (in case we cross the deadline initially set.)”?. Lagpas na nga ng deadline nung magsabi si Mr. Jayvee na “guys, this contest is finished. nung saturday pa. new contest out.” Eh wala pa rin sinabing extended na parang lumalabas na hindi talaga sya aware na ieextend ng Samsung ang contest right?

It looks like talagang na overlook yung petsa ng submission ng The most “creative” and “funny” winning entry. Ginawa na lang dahilan na extended kuno na lalo lang nagkabuhol buhol dahil wala ngang announcement na meron nga at kung meron nga talaga.

Lastly, I aplologize pero hindi ko talaga type yung winning entry. Hindi rin naman yung entry ko ang gusto ko. May nakita akong isang entry na pasado. Yun bang very smooth or fluid pag binasa mo. Hindi halting. At isa pa may dating na medyo funny. Kung babasahin kasi yung ITALY na I Trust And Love You eh napaka smooth na para ka talagang nagbabasa or nagsasalita ng isang phrase. Yung winning entry pag binasa mo kailangan mong mag pause sa gitna. At yung mga letra particularly yung “S” for sabik eh pwersahang ipinilit para lang magkaron ng “s”. Force fit kung baga.

Hay….. nakakadismayang contest.

@we all losers: agree ako sayo talagang nakakadisappoint siya naman pala ang may final say so pede niyang ireview yung winner. duh?! sobrang wasted lang, filing ko talaga kinanya na niya yung laptop. so lahat ng may kinalaman sa samsung at pacontest mo tinurn off mo ang comments? haha DUWAG! guilty ka kasi. hays sa susunod pumili ka ng winner na talagang based sa deadline at mechanics at bago ka magdeclare ng winner dapat nadouble check mo na kung valid yun. lam mo yun pinagintay mo kaming lahat tapos mali pala yung winner in the end wala na lang yung nanalo? kamusta ka naman? naisip mo ba yung mga sumali, yung effort at time nila para mag-isip sa mga pakulo mo. hay ewan baka yung samsung phone magkaissue din ha. AYUSIN MO yan sa susunod.

@wearealllosers and @ cristine reyes: agree first sabi ni sir jayvee “make us laugh”!! so lahat ng entry ko as much as possible funny!! tapos ang nagustuhan pala ng samsung simple entry lang?? panu naman yun! well the winning entry is not funny at all!! mechanics is mechanics dapat di na lang nya sinabi ang “make us laugh”!!at deadline na pala nasali pa. it looks like na di sila nag effort na i-screen ang mga entries natin, di ba nila alam kung anung affort ang ginawa ko(natin, i prioritize this contest as much on my studies!! this is not a simple contest na sampung piso lang ang prize!! laptop ang pinag uusapan natin dude!! hay naku “this is a LESSON for us!”
at tsaka almost 2 weeks na paghihintay masasayang lang pala! this is worthless!! “be specific on the mechanics”!

@Cristine Reyes

It’s obvious that when you say “duwag”, it also applies to yourself. You can’t even put your real name here, unlike Sir Jayvee who has his name on the line. So before you say such harsh words to another person, look first in the mirror. So uncivilized.

I must admit that I am one of those that were disappointed. I needed (yes, needed, for personal reasons) the prize badly, so I worked hard for my entries. All of us had. I agree with the points of “we are all losers”. I also think that it was misleading to say to make them creative yet Samsung picks a (sorry Marlon) simple one that represents their brand. I think there are a lot of creative ones that were entered, and it would have been better to pick another one from the top ten entries they have listed.

BUT we are not the judges. And all of us have our own opinions, INCLUDING THEM. And sorry nalang sa inyo (Cristine Reyes and Sayang), pero site to ni Sir Jayvee so if you hate the decision so much that you can’t even respect the person behind the contest then might as well leave your comments to yourself. This is his site, his contest, and not yours.


Naman, maghahabol na nga lang kayo ng free laptop, ang lakas nyo pa manlait. Kayo na ang magaling magjudge, kaya kayo nalang ang magpacontest.

Sir Jayvee, while I agree that there has been some mistake (on all our parts. kasi alam naman nang waaay past the deadline na, nagpipilit pa), but let me be the first one to comment that I don’t think the public voting system will be better. It would just be some popularity contest without giving credit to the best entries/answers. I’ve seen contests like that that end up having a winner that spams his friends nonstop, and it’s irritating (unless you’re doing the contest to increase traffic, which I highly doubt). I think it’s a great idea that creativity is needed instead of popularity (more fun too, in a way), and I think you did great with the last two contests, so don’t let this single instance bring everything down.

More power to you, Sir Jayvee! Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

And I must say, Sir Jayvee, that your underwater gear is kick-ass! Good for you to finally be able to buy yourself this strobe, I think it’ll help loads in taking good photographs. 🙂 I want to see this in action with the 60mm already. 😛

Hey guys chillax, Kung meron man dapat malungkot sa nangyaring ito, it’s us!. You know what guys? When I told my 4-year old daughter that i won a laptop she was so ecstatic because she knows that we really wanted to have a laptop. She even asked me yesterday (when i got home from work) if i have it. But i said that i still needs to claim it. And now our dream fell apart because of this technicality thing. Maybe some of you who joined are well off, but we are not. And losing this laptop really has a blow on us.

We are all victims, Mr. Fernandez included. I don’t know him personally but I can say that he must be hurting now for all your false accusations. I SWEAR TO GOD that we do not know him and he is not favoring our side. Maybe he just wanted to help his friend and give us a gift but then again, a mistake was committed and no one has the right to judge who it is. In the spirit of Christmas, let us be kind to one another and stop these malicious comments.

Close na kasi ung Comment dun sa Contest kaya dito na alng ako mag cocoment

bakit mo closed comments ng scam pa contest mo? I want to talk u in person punta ka dito sa cagayan de oro..

@camille: indeed, lalong magkakagulo pag public voting system ang magiging basehan matabunan lang ang may best entries.. at suggestion lang limit the entries para di masyadong marami.. (suggestion lang po)para ma screen ng mabuti..

@sir jayvee: despite of criticism that you have experience right now, please be calm .:) im very happy na nahanap ko ang site mo.. at na referred ko sa 3 clasmates ko, na nag eenjoy sa pagsali sa mga games nyo. i hope it will not be the last game,, 🙁

we’re looking forward for your future contest,,,

You said the blogger should be the boss and not the sponsors. Looks like you are eating your own words now. If you were the boss, you could have been on top of things and not let Samsung mess this up.

Well then, let’s just put everything behind us and look forward to the next game, yes? 🙂 It will be sad that this will be a cause for frustrations during the holidays. 🙂

Di lang image ni JF naapektuhan… pati ng Samsung na rin…

I guess lahat ng posts niyo iclose niyo na ang comments para wala ng “trolls”… you got haters already… Unless you come up with a solution na walang magproprotest magstostop sila… Pero kung gusto niyo naman ng regular “commentators”, bayaan niyo na lang… it would be good for your blog’s stats eh… mas maraming comments mas okay! 😀

You should have added this line sa terms and conditions ng contest which I think is the best palusot sa ganitong problems: “The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.” 😀

@camille: oh e di kaw na. standing ovation tayo! ang bottom line lang dito wag paasahin! ang dami gusto manalo nun, contest nga eh diba? so sino ang may fault dito? syempre alam na kung sino. lam ko naman nadisaappointed ka din noh! pede naman kasi take time to decide and validate the entries eh. lam mo yun, all the effort and hardships para makajoin dito tapos ano parang bula lang na nawala? pede naman kasi magrandom na lang kung kanino ibibigay basta may acceptable na winner! mas lalo tuloy siyang naging kahiya2! duh magisip ka nga!

Bakit di makamove-on ang iba?

Kasi di nila alam kung natalo or nanalo ba ang entries nila… Walang closure kung baga… Kasi hanggang ngayon umaasa pa sila…


“PAHIRAM NG ISANG SANDALI! haha winner na nga nawala pa sa kanya haha.

ilang araw din ang nawala kakaisip sa mga best possibilities na mbubuo sa word na samsung… nakakadisappoint talaga. magdamag nakaabang… ilang wks nagabang.. delayed… in the end palpak dn naman pala. Bat kc di inisip mna maigi bago nagdecide. kng alam nang disqualified, bat d pumili ng nararapat para sa laptop. eh talaga naman ngang iisipn ng lahat na nanloloko lang itong site na ito. imagine…1800+ na pinaghirapang entries ang binalewala?!@ Goodluck n lng sa blog n to at sa samsung. imbes na sumikat cla pareho, pareho silang nasira sa tao.anyway salamat sa pag sbing mr. rules is d best, kht na mkhang d naman talaga bnigyang importansya ang mga entries ntin. sumabog utak namin kakaisip ng malulupit na entries tpos ganito lang pla…

@Camille –> And all of us have our own opinions, INCLUDING THEM. And sorry nalang sa inyo (Cristine Reyes and Sayang), pero site to ni Sir Jayvee so if you hate the decision so much that you can’t even respect the person behind the contest then might as well leave your comments to yourself (ATE MAGISIP KA NGA! MAGPAKATOTOO KA. PANO I RERESPECT E D NGA NIRESPECT ANG MGA NAGHIRAP MAGISIP, SUMALI AT MAGABANG DITO. TODO HIRAP NG MGA CONTESTANTS NATURAL LNG NA MAGREACT CLA… SIMPLE COMMON SENSE DECISION MAKING LANG NAMAN KC YAN, DI PA MAGAWANG MAAYOS. EDI PMILI NG NARARAPAT NA WINNER! AT TUPARIN ANG MGA PINAGSASABI. ASAN ANG TOP 10??? NAPOST BA SA FB? WALA NAMAN E… PROMISE… promise nga e di naman pnagisipan. sbihin wala sa rules… e wala naman dn sa rules ang pmili ng late entry as winner and i cancel pagkatapos mapahiya si Marlon) tsktsk

wow sir jayvee. ngayon lang po ako nakatagpo ng katulad niyong mahilig sa diving + underwater photography. mejo may kamahalan po pala ang mga gadget niyan. pero interesting din talaga!

@Jayvee – sorry ha, pero suggestion lang, if u like na magain uli ang supporters ng blog nyo at ng samsung, may time pa. think about it. alam ko alam nyo kng anu ang nararapat na gwin. Thanks also for exercising our brains in this contest. nagenjoy nman ang lahat kaso lang pumalpak sa huli. anyway, goodluck to ur blogsite and sana maka-ahon uli ang blogsite nyo. Best wishes to Samsung also 🙂 favorite ko pa naman ang Samsung 🙂 naubusan n nga ako ng nice words kakaisip ng best na mabubuo sa SAMSUNG 🙂 Nice entries to all my fellow contestants 🙂

@claire exactly. which is why i voided it. <— i think mali yang resolution mo sir Jayvee… Please try again 😉

Guys, tigil na! Tapos na eh. Wala namang nawala sa’tin eh (Literally, wala talaga, unless na lang kung gumastos kayo ng pera para lang magawa yung entry niyo but duh, may gagawa ba nun?) Ayun, naging fair na nga si sir Jayvee sa decision niyang no one wins eh, anong gusto niyo? Pumili pa ng isang magwawagi tapos magrereklamo na naman kayo na ang pangit pangit ng nanalo. Ano ba?! Gusto niyo, kayo na lang ang pumili! Kaya hindi umuunlad ang ating bansa eh, walang pagkakaisa.

cristine reyes says:
December 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm
@camille: oh e di kaw na. standing ovation tayo! ang bottom line lang dito wag paasahin! ang dami gusto manalo nun, contest nga eh diba? so sino ang may fault dito? syempre alam na kung sino. lam ko naman nadisaappointed ka din noh! (pede naman kasi take time to decide and validate the entries eh. lam mo yun, all the effort and hardships para makajoin dito tapos ano parang bula lang na nawala? —> AGREE!!!!) tgal nag pa hantay ng tao, gnun gnun lng ang resulta tsk tsk

cristine reyes says:
December 21, 2010 at 1:12 pm


“PAHIRAM NG ISANG SANDALI! haha winner na nga nawala pa sa kanya haha.

Tama bang pagtawan mo ako, pare parehas lang naman tayo nawalan, wag na tayo magsisihan, let’s move on na, wag na nating sisihin si Mr Jayvee Fernandez, kung ayaw nyo na sumali it’s your choice, well there’s always a 1st time for mistake, so let’s give Mr. Jayvee Fernandez a 2nd Chance, Peace

hey hey hey! Cool lang guys! I understand how you guys must be feeling right now. Nobody likes to lose. After all, the whole idea of joining is to win, am I right? Pero isipin nyo how privileged are we to be having this awesome site so generous and pure with its intentions: to celebrate and to share the blessings (to us mere contestants). I Hope everyone learns from this experience. We still have the chance to win!! It’s all good! I know it’s not therapeutic to say cliche words but it could somehow help us move on. “It’s not whether you win or lose, but it is how you play the game that counts”.

sa susunod kasi wag lang puro salita.. eh siya din napapahiya sa mga tao. pasalamat siya online to kung nasa tv o nasa labas siya baka nabugbog na siya ng mga tao. responsibilidad niya tong site na to eh tapos ano ganun na lang? unbiased your face, ewan ko sayo!

alalahanin may contest pa na kelangan ng winner – yung SAMSUNG phone din.. hmmm matuto na sana sa pagpili ng winner..

camille: for sure di rin yan ang real name mo. pede ba wag ka magmalinis. umuwi ka na lang sa inyo at magsaka hahahahahha

to marlon: sa susunod wag ka na sumali kung alam mong deadline na ha? read the mechanics ok?

oi mga kuya at ate, .tama na po. .d nga ating site to. .parang sa real world po. .hindi natin bahay to iba ang may ari so respect lang po tayo. . .be private lang po. . .mahrap po sa part ni mr jayvee at sa atin ang nangyari. So forgive2x po. ..please peace po to all, . .I love u all. .@ mr jayvee. .sana c0ntinue pa ang pac0ntests . .un lang.

@mr jayvee, mbuti nga wla po voting sa mga c0ming c0ntest. . Kc kwawa kming nka cp lang hrap mg pa like or vote sa iba.hehe. 🙂
And to @Marlon, okay lang yan. . .sana maintindihan ng babies mu kuya. .haha. … . .

*rolls eyes* People can be so immature. Hindi naman porket dismayado ka eh may karapatan na kayong manlait ng ibang tao. Yes, I was disappointed, but I actually have common sense and decency to conduct myself properly. Can’t people just stop dictating the blogger on what to do? This is his site after all.

Sir Jayvee has other readers who actually read his blog because they’re interested in the content, not just the prizes. If you can’t take the decision then just leave instead of trolling here.

And FYI Cristine, Camille IS my real name. Sir Jayvee can validate it with my email address, if he should need to. Too bad you’re not him to be able to validate.

Meh, can’t people just move on and stop being sore losers. I, for one, am actually looking forward to some more blog posts. 🙂 Gadgets + photography = <3. 🙂

To Cristine, Well the comment section is still open nung nag post ako, saka madami naman nag post na lagpas na sa date,di naman masama mag try, parehas lang tayo talo, so move on,

to camille: I have one word for you! ECHOSERA!! haha
to marlon: mechanics is still mechanics siguro di ka lang talaga nagbabasa na deadline na pala, hahaha

@Cristine: resorting to street talk, labels and insults? It shows a lot about your background. LOL.

Di talaga makamove-on ang ilan dyan, kawawa naman.

to camille: so bakit minomonitor mo mga reply ko sayo? haha. ECHOSERANG FROG ka kasi! define move on eh di sana di ka na lang nagreply sa comment ko! AMBISYOSA! hahaha

@cristine btw kaya ko namomonitor kasi curious ako sa updates ni Jayvee, so why not check at the same time? LOL Kung anu-ano nang sinasabi mo wala naman nang connect sa original issue. Anlakas manlait, grabe. :)) Baka atakihin ka sa puso nyan! LOL!

At dahil Christmas Eve na bukas, tatahimik nako at magpapakasaya. 🙂 Happy holidays, everyone! ^__^ Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

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