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Let There Be (a Sea & Sea YS-110 α Strobe) Light!

The last piece of the puzzle is complete. Been saving up for this (and a sync cable) for a while now. The complete picture is a single strobe configuration for my UW DSLR for shooting close ups.

The YS-110 is essentially my flash underwater. Down there, you need as much light as you can get.

The YS-110α introduces numerous new exciting functions, opening a whole new digital generation. For example, by connecting it to digital cameras with pre-flash function using a fiber-optic cable, the YS-110α can be used in the fully automatic DS-TTL adjustment mode (Digital Slave TTL). Enjoy complete creative control – when you want absolute control over fine light adjustments, you can use a main strobe in DS-TTL mode and a secondary strobe in manual mode or you can set up an advanced lighting system using two strobes in DS-TTL mode. The DS-TTL adjustment function is also available using the light level control dial for fine control of the light amount when taking pictures in DS-TTL mode. You can also choose from 13 levels of manual controls when you do not want to leave the light adjustment up to the camera. The flat, round, 105° beam angle (with diffuser), achieved by the balanced positioning of the 3 flash tubes, and the power of a Guide Number 22 are examples of the excellent performance of the strobe that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

Will show the complete picture soon.

Bought from:
Splash UW Imaging
Sea & Sea YS-110 α
PHP 24,500.00