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TORQUE C100 Review: Bluetooth and camera for P2,199


EDIT: If you’re looking for more TORQUE products, check out the cheapest dual SIM phone in the market, the TORQUE D100.

There’s a different philosophy behind reviewing entry level phones – more than features, people tend to look at price, but with the way the mobile phone market is becoming more and more sophisticated, even low end phones have to be distinguished by some creative features. Today, I have a brand new TORQUE straight from the box. The TORQUE C100 is the China made entry level phone that has been out for a few days in your favorite mobile phone flea market. Read on for my hands on.





Dont expect high end features. Expect useful ones, vis a vis price and there are two things worth mentioning – this is, to my knowledge, the cheapest mobile phone WITH built in Bluetooth and a VGA (that’s a maximum of 640×480 resolution) camera. Although it’s audio isn’t as good as the famed Motorola W230, the latter doesn’t have Bluetooth, making it hard to sync. If you know of a phone that can contest this claim, please tell me!



The second peculiar feature is that the TORQUE C100 is compatible with third party accessories – namely the BL-5C battery of Nokia!!! Yep. It’s compatible. The logic behind this is simple. In the entry level market, spare parts are always in demand, and knowing that the TORQUE C100’s battery is compatible with the BL-5C makes finding accessories easier. I don’t think there’s any exclusive use clause for the battery, none I’m aware of.

The C100 feels good in the hands, as expected with low end phones. It lacks the luster of the best of the best out there, but what do you expect. The C100 accepts expandable microSD and Transflash memory up to 1GB. TORQUE branded microSD 1GB memory cards WITH SD adapter only cost P179.00, cheaper than those from CD-R KIng. You absolutely NEED to have an expansion card as the phone only has a measly 5MB of internal memory!

The TORQUE C100 has been available in mobile phone outlets just recently and it’s a decent budget phone for sending and receiving photos via Bluetooth. Other features include a MP3 player, stereo audio, and 128 x 160 65K color TFT screen. It is, apparently, moving very fast.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

38 replies on “TORQUE C100 Review: Bluetooth and camera for P2,199”

thanks for the details .. im actually looking for a new phone to by right now i just dont know what this gives me a new choice aside from those nokia and motorola

please tell me about the phone like can i download wallpapers and games.. if it can were i can download it… and i will buy fone like that…. just

i already bought this torque c100 phoine last year and it really makes your money worth….it has complete features….with bluetooth camera, memor5y card……………………………….it is so amazing…

do you know of any compatible games that i can download for torque c100? it accepts very limited file types. no .jar or .jad. its only game is called Puzzle (i do not know the extension name)…I also have Asus V66 cellphone and it got the same game too. I am not sure if there is a connection between the two cellphones but i think this information may help or whatever someone who can find time to help me.i know i shouldn’t expect much from this cell phone but i just want to know still. im confused.please help!

thanks for a helpful review!!! I considering to buy this phone!!! just one thing, where can i buy the price that you published above? this cheapest I’ve found is priced at Php 2499.

I’m an authorized internet dealer of this brand. For anyone who is interested. Just text me at 09162126535.

TORQUE C100, TORQUE D100, GLOFIISH(BY ACER) DX610 and GLOFIISH(BY ACER) DX900 are our products.

hi…that’s cheap for a phone leveling NOKIA 6300!,,what about the battery…china phones’ baterries lowbats easily…hope you can tell me about the life span of c100 battery..thanks!

The phone costs around 2200? where can I purchase one? does it carry any warrantee from its manufacturer? I liked to buy one.

does it have a USB port? A sent items? can i personalized SMS tones using my own message tones? please reply at 09079938804, thanks…im planning to buy this phone on sunday, planning to change my ASUS J206…

ive just got this phone and its worth the money,the only thing is that i dont know where to download wallpapers for this phone,can anyone pls tell me?

i have one right now, bit i have a problem with connecting it to my pc, unlike the china phone of my sister, it cant be detected as a usb device. oh and by the way i got this phone for exactly 2000 only.

hello, im very much interested with torque and glofiish . DANIEL WER DID U GET THE PHONE FOR PHP2000. MY CELL IS 09228229280 AND PLDT 2ND LANDLINE IS 6640400. THANKS VERY MUCH. MIKE

im looking for c100 headset..any who knows were to buy it??please txt me plzz..09093420947..tanx

Hi Javee,

Very interesting review. I am this close to getting one for myself, I am having issues with my Samsung D880 and am not the least satisfied with it right now. I was thinking of trading it with a Torque C100.


can somebody tell me what type of videos can be played in torquew c100 i need the answer now

im using this phone..
the charger isnt functioning anymore..
i didnt know the problem.
i bought it on a stall of a mall..

would the warranty replace my broken charger ?please reply ^_^ thanks 🙂

I just watched umagang kay ganda on channel 2 and they featured this phone. sabi nung nagpo-promote gawang pinoy daw, e made in china din pala.

I already have TorqueC100.
The beautiful features are the following:
-1 week battery life
-free internet using WAP,3G or GPRS(for smart and globe only)
-downloadable for games,music and video using expandable memory
-P2,300- cheap but good in quality!
-with bluetooth and radio
-free earphone, charger, understandable manual, and 1year warranty
I love this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I saw a cellphone store with Torque brand sign at SM Sta. Rosa. I’ll go there again & check the phone…I’m also looking for a dual sim type that’s cheap & maybe this is it.

@janoah: where did you buy ur torquec100? from ur post i can deduce that ur not having any problems with the unit that you have. ive read a lot of negative reviews about it. i just don’t wanna end up spending my money for a defective phone . thanks.

My new torque battery need to be charged every day even when not in used, what’s the problem?

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