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Race the World Challenge: We are Team Philippines!

In my previous post I talked about how Manila isn’t an official physical race city. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t part of the competition. Apart from the 10k race, the Race the World Challenge serves as a warm up for the big event on the 31st.

An interesting social experiment!

As of today, the Philippines ranks 14th (we were 13th as of 8.17.08) in the global race for most kilometers uploaded using a Nike+ Sports Band.

The running chart results is actually very interesting on several levels (aside from the trash talking on the side as you can see in the 3rd screen cap). First off, we’re the highest ranking Asian developing country in the race. In terms of Asian countries, we are second to Japan but we are also way ahead of South Korea and Taiwan. In terms of distance uploaded we are head to head with Denmark, Sweden and Argentina. Not bad. Not bad at all. What this means is that we have a remarkable participation of running enthusiasts who can afford to shell out a luxurious $100.00 (rough price) just to run. Do you have other conclusions you want to share?

Note: This could also mean that we have Filipinos who are clocking in from different countries but setting Philippines as the host country team.

If you own a Nike+ Kit and haven’t logged your miles to this competition, please do so! You can do this by clicking here and choosing Philippines as your team on the lower right. The countries are not listed alphabetically, but by rank. As the saying goes, sayang ang miles!.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

13 replies on “Race the World Challenge: We are Team Philippines!”

Hi Jayvee,

I think there’s a physical race on the 31st, because I’m joining it 🙂 Sa fort… Nike had a booth at this morning’s Men’s Health run.

@alvin – oh i have to reiterate, the physical race is not an official “physical nike+ race.” it is still a virtual race. the efforts to put the race up is completely with nike philippines. 🙂

try calling nike first to check if the registration is already open. i went there yesterday at 12 noon but apparently the nike staff are not the one’s in charged. they were there around 4:00 pm yesterday.

I don’t mean to be negative or anything, but I have my doubts that Nike would be able to gather 1,000 participants who have either the sports band, or the ipod kit.

What they could have done was organize a race.

Compile the total distance ran by the participants.

Upload the distance as a whole to our country total.

Offer a substantial discount to those who want to buy the sports band.

I sure hope I’m wrong, but just based on experience, it’s not easy to gather 1,000 runners, more so runners with the “required” equipment.

It’s upselling at its lowest IMO.

@cruel – i did a check and apparently, the booth is only open from 4PM to 9PM for registrations.

@alvin – they obviously thought of that but it can’t be done on a logistics level. each nike band can only be linked to one person so group uploading is impossible.

as for the 1,000 participants, well, let’s see. as of day 1, the count was around 30 runners. i think “1,000” is more of a marketing thing to make it sound more appealing.


I meant, have someone manually count the number of people who finish the race. So if it’s a 10k race, X number of people x 10k = Country total. It can then be added to our country total since it is a Nike Human Race event anyway.

I know the sportsband is a cool toy and all, but I’d just hate to tell a runner that hey, you can’t join because you don’t have the proper equipment.

I guess a hypothetical question to Nike would be, would you rather have 1,000 potential runner/customers vs 100 who have the sports band/ipod kit?

@Alvin — how i wish it was like that! Your comments are actually tempting me to poke around and discover what the goal is — for ROI or participants. Maybe I can post that here later 🙂

In fairness to them, they did give out a number of discounts and some bands. They seeded a number to other communities like PhilMUG for instance. Not sure of the other avenues.

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