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ACER launches Aspire One Ultraportable in the Philippines SRP 18,800.00

Today, ACER launched their new mid year desktops and portables with the Aspire One leading the pack. So ACER finally releases their first ultraportable and there are a lot of things to like about it. First off, a sweet Intel Atom processor under this ultraportable’s hood and a 8GB solid state drive.

One peculiar item of note is the RAM – 1GB RAM with 512MB soldered into the device and the other 512MB is expandable to 1GB giving you an odd total RAM expansion of 1.5GB. It’s odd that ACER would put a small cap to the RAM expansion capabilities as 512MB doesn’t really matter as much in cases of ultra light devices.

So we played around with it today and yeah, it’s everything an ultraportable should be (I obviously can’t give feedback on the battery life). I noticed that the Aspire One didn’t mention Bluetooth in the specs. So there you have it – three, wait, three big brand ultra portables in the Philippine market with the ASUS eee, HP Mini Note (review here!) and the ACER Aspire One. We’re waiting for the MSI Wind to come among the big players.

There are other ultra light devices out there such as the Red Fox but I honestly don’t know how these fare. Any feedback on these?

The Aspire One comes in Sapphire Blue and Seashell White.

Technical Specs
AO 110-L08b (blue)
AO 110-L08w (blue)

Intel Atom Processor N270
1.6GHz 512kb L2 Cache 533 MHz Front Side Bus
Linpus Linux Lite OS
1GB Memory (512MB on board)
8GB Solid State Drive
8.9 inch WSVGA TFT
Multi-card reader
Comes with notebook sleeve
89% full sized keyboard
1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
1 Year International Travelers Warranty

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

23 replies on “ACER launches Aspire One Ultraportable in the Philippines SRP 18,800.00”

@BrianB — great observation! that’s actually why i posted that photo, to see who would notice.

btw saw your comment on noemi’s blog about PR events. i think bloggers should also be good marketers to agencies. it takes a while to be notice by mainstream. thoughts?

Hm, just want gadgets in my mail box, that’s all. China companies used to send me a lot but customs keep charging me and its a hassle getting my money back, so I stopped.

As for marketing per se, I don’t like the idea that you have to be nice to a gadget just because it comes free.

The MSI Wind has been around for close to two weeks now (PC Corner and some stalls in VMall). 25,999 gives you 80GB of space, 1GB of RAM, a three-cell batt and Windows XP Home.

That comment on the Macbook got my attention. I’ve got an iBook G4 still working perfectly, but I really only need word processing and internet capabilities. Portability is a big thing to me. Would you recommend seeling the iBook and getting the Aspire One instead? Or would you think I was crazy for considering the idea?


hi avril — i’d personally never sell my iBook. for all intents and purposes I’d just buy the Aspire One or the HP mini as it costs less than 20k. better to save up for a second portable than sell your mac. 🙂

I’d kill to have leopard and core2duo on an ibook form factor. Macbook keyboard has been killing me since I bought it. I’ve now learned to type with only my middle fingers.

*sigh* I’ve just been telling myself that I don’t need 2 laptops, but with the quality of Mac, that sounds like good advice.


Thanks for the min-notebook review…really couldn’t decide if I should get the HP,Msi Wind but after reading this and not to mention it’s very affordable with such unbelievable specs. Too bad it doesn’t offer a higher hard drive but its a good choice…might get this one=)

I just bought the Aspire One, and it’s sweet! I’ve been waiting and waiting for HP 2133 stocks (really hard to get…), but then when this came out I got this one instead. Sweet deal, runs faster than the 2133 (intel atom vs. VIA) and has a better keyboard than the eee. I wouldn’t bet on the 8G memory though, but then I only need this for its mobility. My pavillion is still working fine for me. 😀

I want a mini notebook because i move around a lot. But this is going to be my first and only notebook. I know it’s really not a good idea to have a UMPC for my first, but I have very limited choices.

So, which do think should I buy considering my situation?

Acer Aspire One?
Hp Mini?
MSI Wind?

Please help me out here.

Thank you!

never heard of msi wind but im gonna but the acer aspire one, think its all in one..and most attractive among them all!!

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