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How does uMobile work? Here’s a video I made :)

Hi folks, looks like umobile is catching the interest of the general public, and why shouldn’t it? I have an account with them (but no SIM yet) and for those who are curious to know what’s in their dashboard, here’s a virtual tour I made last night. Some points of interest:

a. the unlimited ability to change your mobile phone number for P50.00 anytime (stalker fodder?)
b. invite-only scheme to apply
c. the ads

Anyway, pardon the coughing in the video. It’s that season for the colds.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

21 replies on “How does uMobile work? Here’s a video I made :)”

What would be interesting to know is that past the 100 pesos freebie (for the first six months) and the 360 or so pesos cap in advert credits. How many ads should be received in order to call, text or even surf the Internet?

A check at their website indicates its nearly the same as regular rates like Smart (which owns them). And this would be very interesting. And this is probably the reason there is a specific range of age for each user- then enhanced by the invite only. A clever marketing ploy.

What would be interesting to see the form and number of ads to be send out each day? Will it be annoying or obstructive or benign. The occurrence of the ads each day is there a cap?

And is six months enough time to build up Ads to sustain this model. Or in six months time will there be an extension because of demand?

Interesting questions 🙂

About the stalking thing…if you’re being stalk by one who changes no. frequently then go change your no. too! Use uMobile. Gantihan kayo lol but the ads would be pretty annoying if they would send like 4-10 even with the free loads. (Looks at Globe’s spam messages)

But anyway I still want to try uMobile, your e-mail is one on your “about” right?

“Gantihan kayo lol but the ads would be pretty annoying if they would send like 4-10 even with the free loads.”

As Juned points out, we would need to receive twenty-three ads per day to even approach the cap of PhP 350 of load per month. 🙁

let’s see. im getting the SIM monday morning and will try this out.

as indicated by William — Nokia’s country manager — he tells of how the European ad driven telco does it — it’s not SMS but a call which you have to listen to.

not sure if this is the same. well, only one way to find out.

to those who sent me their emails and numbers, i’m working on it. not sure when the SIMS will be sent though but they did say it would be after their launch in Davao.

Mike Abooboo

I would have to say that you did the math correctly but there’s something WRONG with the logic of your point. A bias analysis I would have to say.

We are in the philippines, where economic status and cost of living is VERY different from other first world countries such as in europe specifically in UK. – WHICH BASICALLY SUMS IT ALL.

Statements like this, coming from a “Vice-President for Online Services of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society blah blah blah” (if this truly exist) should understand the basis and logic of this comparison.

Pity you, im guessing you are not their target market. Dont be bitter about it.

oh and just another update. apparently a friend of mine works for the agency that handles Umobile and he says that ads would take the form of SMS and MMS and sponsored wallpapers, ringtones, etc. the “ads” will be shown 20 times a day, that’s almost one per hour.

you know what? i dont mind.

Hi Jayvee! Emailed you too. Hopefully I get in the service as well. And I don’t mind the ads either. I don’t get that much text anyway, so my text line beeping off the hook is quite bearable, hehe. Besides, it’s free! That’s the clincher of them all. =P

i have a feeling that the signup sheet referral will take even longer than you actually applying personally. that means, if you get a chance to see the u mobile booth somewhere, i’d suggest applying as well even if i already referred you. 🙂

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