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“There is nothing wrong if a manly man gets a pedicure…”

… as long he does not color his nails.” added Hans Koch of Syndeo Media.

Philippine Internet Commerce Society

So pedicures, a proposed “drinking club”, and modeling with rose petals were but some of the less serious topics discussed at mag:net cafe’s balcony. I’ve uploaded photos of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society’s meet and greet session, the first for this year. You can view the shots on my Multiply page. Tag as you please 🙂

On a more serious note, a few topics about copywriting and the Internet were brought up. The general sentiment is that it is quite hard to find good writers nowadays. And if you do find good writers, there is a tendency for them to ask higher.

One piece of advice I like to give friends is that if they are looking for good writers, they can start by looking in schools. There are a lot of Filipino students who are very verbose and eloquent, not to mention diligent in delivering copy. As they are still students they can be paid on a part time basis. On their end, this is a very good entry point for the corporate world. Everyone’s happy.

I’ve always wondered how hard it is to find a full time copywriter. If they aren’t freelancing, they probably work for a big name advertising or PR agency. The average salary of a copywriter in the corporate setting is around P16,000 – P20,000 depending on the level of seniority. Of course, if they win an award (like an Anvil or a PALANCA) their market value increases.

Brain fart: are there such things as SEO copywriting awards?

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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What has the palanca and Anvil awards got to do with copywriting?

Writers/copywriters get paid too low as it is. In the US, a copywriter can get some revenue sharing incentive on successful campaigns. Their bases salary is pretty high, too. Higher than programmers or designers base salaries. Copywriters in the Philippines get paid a little more than typists and don’t get much more appreciation. Technical writers get the most pay but the reason here is that most jobs come from abroad.

BrianB: i think a Palanca or Anvil awardee can ask more per word since one can call him/her a “pro”.

anyway, i’d like to work as a copywriter someday. i’m actually starting now and i think the pay is reasonable for a part time job.

I think BrianB’s point is that copywriting entails different philosophy than writing say, an essay or short story. It’s sort of like saying, if somebody was very good at 2d pixel art, then he must be good at 3d art, which really is not the case.

hi BrianB,

in the PH, a number of journalists and feature writers actually do sideline as copywriters since their names do not get published. not sure about ethical considerations here especially since you’re a journalist doing commercial copy. anyway, thats why some of these decorated copywriters can still get paid more 🙂

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