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Some notes on the new 8GB iPod nano


After careful consultation with fellow Macheads, I decided to forego my purchase of the iPod touch in favor of the 3rd generation 8GB iPod nano. The reason for the change of heart was mainly because first generation Apple products have let people down. Even if the iPod touch is a remarkable device, you still can’t beat the fact that the new nano is already in its third iteration. I honestly think that the iPod touch and the iPhone are proof of concept experiments that will lead to the resurrection of the Newton II. Hence, these two products have not yet reached maturity.


I was able to get the 8GB nano at a sweet deal. Posting the actual price here would be sinful. I originally wanted my nano in black but the stocks were out. So my supplier aptly surprised me with a color of his choice -teal. The 8GB nano comes in a small clear plastic casing, hinged at the bottom and sealed with a sticky strip.




Apple’s hubris is tantamount once more by not including an installer CD for iTunes in the package as they assume that this iPod isn’t your first. iTunes will have to be downloaded off the Internet for those who do not have it yet. The box includes a dock adapter for certain iPod compatible accessories, the not-so-good signature white earphones, a USB charging cable, manual, and two mini Apple stickers.



What is disappointing also is that Apple does not bundle a TV out cable (PAL / NTSC) with the package. The new iPod nano supports TV out. But to avail of this feature, you would need to buy the cable seperately. Bummer.

The form factor of the new nano is odd, but that is not to say that it isn’t handy. Equally odd is the placement of the 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the device and not in its traditional upper right hand corner.

This is my first iPod with a screen. The last iPod I bought was the shuffle, back in 2005. I still use it as a flash drive.


Buying advice: which model should I get?

There are two models for the iPod nano: the 4GB model which is available in silver and the 8GB nano available in a plethora of colors. The question to ask really is what type of media do I want to put inside? If you’re migrating from an iPod shuffle, then 4GB is good enough as you’ve survived with 1GB anyway. I opted for the 8GB model because of the bargain price (nope it wasn’t black market), the fact that I can store my photo portfolio, my video shows (The Jayvee and Katie Show), and dump some of my larger files in the remaining space.


The Griffin iTrip FM tuner doesn’t come with wires so you can take your music anywhere. The mini USB slot is used to charge the device without need for removing the accessory.

The price difference between the 4GB and 8GB model is tempting not to resist, as you will only need to add roughly P2,500 to get twice the amount of space. However, think of it this way: the extra P2,500 can be used to purchase any one of the following accessories:

  • A Nike iPod running kit P1,6xx.xx and RunAway attachment
  • A Griffin iTrip P2,500.00 or Belkin FM Tuner P2,900.00
  • iPod nano running armband P1,7xx.xx
  • Better set of headphones from Sennheiser, Philips, Creative or Altec Lansing

For Philippine residents: Buying your accessories from stores within SM Malls allows you to avail of a 10% discount when you use your SM Advantage Card and pay in cash.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

10 replies on “Some notes on the new 8GB iPod nano”

that looks sweet!!!

i agree with you that the ipod touch may be a proof of concept for gadgets they will release in the future, but i just got mine and i’m lovin’ everything about it. 🙂

@aldwin: congratulations! that’s a really sweet device 🙂

i honestly had a bad experience once with a slim touch screen HP iPAQ. i placed it in my back pocket while playing air hockey and the screen broke. which is why i have this recurring trauma about huge screens! but the touch screen is made of glass so you won’t have any problems. congratulations once more!

I can attest on the greatness of the new Nano – I just love it! Having a shuffle and an iPhone, I can see it having a good all around purpose device that is very very handy. Bummer on the tv out though it would been perfect with it.

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend got me a purple shuffle… after reading your post, I can’t help not to sigh and wish that he got me this one instead. Hehehe… This looks so sweet…

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