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How long does it take you to compose a weekend post?

For this particular weekend post, it took me roughly three hours. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with wine, cheese and chocolates, having attended some cultural appreciation classes at Enderun Colleges in Ortigas (truffle making and chocolate centerpiece styling demo with Valrhona chocolates) as well as attending a sushi rolling class with Noemi, Annalyn and Rache, Anton’s wife.

I must admit that thought this partly has to do with work (go figure), I’ve been undergoing a growing appreciation for the F&B industry in the past several months. Back in November I took a food styling and photography course under Jo Avila and CCA. Now I roll sushi, buy wine and cheese and try my best to appreciate food. Even Betty of contacted me for a quick meetup over lunch to review a new steak place in Paranaque, BF Homes, where I’m from.

So I’ve had so many breaks in between to actually composing this. Four glasses of wine later and 100 grams of cheese later, I managed to churn out something that has to do more with food than blogging. I guess the title is a dead giveaway of my wanting to segue this into a technology geek blog. I was toying with the idea of putting up a separate blog for my quiet and private life – but I’m still debating whether that would be a good idea.


The leftmost bottle is a 2005 South Australian Cabarnet Shiraz (P210.00) that is strong, rosy and easy to drink because it doesn’t come corked. I finished it with a friend last night. The middle bottle was recommended to me by Mae, a friend who works for a wine store. Gossips (~ P290.00 I think) is a sweet dessert wine that I don’t really fancy so much because it is too sweet. It may be good for first time wine drinkers though. The right-most bottle is a 2004 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (P323.00). I bought it because of the syrupy red color. It is light and semi sweet with a cherry taste.

I also bought 200 grams of cheese from Santis. Though I had wanted to create a tuna sashimi and cheese platter, I had decided to forego the class and just eat the cheese from the knife. I bought 100 grams of Gruyere (P134.00 / 100 grams) and another hundred grams of Appenzeller (P111.6 / 100 grams), supposedly two cheeses that go well with wine tasting. Heck, I’d use Kraft Singles, but Santis doesn’t sell that stuff and I was in a hurry. And besides, my religion teacher in grade 4 once said that there’s nothing wrong with having a little class once in a while.

But I digress. In short, it took me 3 hours to compose this post because I was eating cheese, drinking and reinstalling Windows on my PC. Here’s to life! Have you ever tried installing Windows while being semi-tipsy all by yourself? It’s quite fun trying to invent games that have to do with the status bar.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

5 replies on “How long does it take you to compose a weekend post?”

At least you were able to finish this milestone post on food and wine in a techno blog. Too bad you weren’t able to attend the French bistro cooking class…it was also about wine and cheese. Better than the first one I think

Enderun woot woot! haha
We got your blog through our google blog finder thingee of the word “Enderun”.
Glad to see you mentioned us! Cheers to good booze and good food! hahah

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