What Happened at the Blog Party 2007 Stays at the Blog Party 2007

Blog Parteeeehhh!!!!

Well not really. Considering it was a blogger party so obviously there was just too much booze, sex and several acts of frivolities going round.

Just kidding. The nature of a party for bloggers means that everyone blogs about it after, so no secrets here, really!

You can view the pictures I took here. It was also my first dry run of the Speedlite 580EX I recently bought. Again, check out my gallery for the pics.

Elber and his Krispy kreme Gift Certificate

Elber finds out Krispy Kreme GC’s are just as good as the donuts themselves

A lot of people asked about why the need for all the technorai tagging and other hassles to become part of this event. Well the short and sincere answer is that – this was to satisfy two things: (1) this event was obviously an “experiment” being the fitst party we organized. As a sponsor and member of the organizing committee I can tell you that we have had no prior experience in events organizing.

We did manage to keep everyone engaged from 2PM to 8PM so I guess that was commendable – or we just had a lot of patient guests! Thanks to all the bloggers who took the time to go and write about this event. Rest assured the next event (to be held around mid to third quarter 2007 will be more open and less of a hassle to sign up for).

Kiven and his ... babes?!?!
Kiven and his … babes??!

The second (2) reason why we had to do the tagging and linking in order to get an invitation was for the sake of sponsors. We were able to raise enough money in the span of a week and a half to cater to this event. Without our cash sponsors and donors, this would not have been possible. The trackbacks to their blogs is the least we could do to give back, apart from the optional 5 minute presentation time they had.

b5media banner!

Final notes: I’d like to thank my company – b5media, for being a primary sponsor for the event. Thanks guys, you rock!

The sad part of being a photographer / host for this event is that I don’t have shots of myself in the parteeh! And to think I wore those neat lined pajama pants!! To anyone reading this, I’d appreciate some shots where I’m in the picture! 🙂

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