Family Traditions ala ‘Mano Po’

By tradition, our family always has the Fernandez picture taking session during our January 1 reunion. So this year was no different. Last year we had to come in red. This year in white.

I came in a beige wool shirt and white shorts. The instructions were to come in a white shirt and jeans. Of course not everyone followed. We’re a very confusing family to be honest, which makes it much more interesting.

We’re also a pretty rowdy bunch of cousins – eight children from my lola, all have kids who are more-less my age. That makes family reunions so much more fun. We all grew up looking out for each other.

This is the view from the chairs. If you were in our shoes, could you discern which camera you’d look at? You’d expect some photo direction but our photographers for the day (BVuddy, Tita Angie and Regina) all just decided to do the timed mode all at once and run for our general direction. The camera on the left was timed for 3 seconds. The one on the right for 20 minutes. What fun!

And more confusion above.

Still not knowing what to do.

Here’s the view from the frontline. Notice the confusion still. My dad was screaming “Hurry! Hurry! Before it gets dark!”

Mommy Darling, my dad’s mom whom we all love so much. Believe it or not, she dances ballet.

Simon and Rina (RJ Ledesma’s sister) with their super cute daughter Ada.

The Fernandez French chapter — meet Sylvan and his lovely daughter Sam. He’s married to Cherry, my cousin who’s a vet.

Micah gets bored and decides to eat chips and listen to music.

Bojo gets bored and decides to look at his iPod nano’s photos.

I got bored and decided to take more random pictures.

I always found it more interesting to take behind-the-scenes shots of my family apart from the real family photo. It turns out that my photo direction from the balcony producted one of the better family photos we have. Here it is ..

That’s me, my dad, mom and Angelo my brother with Mommy Darling, our beloved lola. Note that all these pics were taken with an Olympus C-310 Zoom.

When the REAL family picture comes I’ll make sure to post it.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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My family is the same too! We have family traditions and portraits. I think we’ve haven’t had a family portrait in a loooong time because there’s just too many of us. 20 grandkids between 5 couples plus my lolo and lola and it’s just stressful gathering all the grandkids around because 11 of them are below 10 years old and you know it’s hard keeping kids still even if it’s just for awhile! The funny thing is, the one time we were all complete was during a wedding and we couldn’t fit into the picture. The photographer had to keep moving backwards so we could all fit into the frame!

Oh, and wanna hear something amusing? My lola (dad’s mom), who’s is actually named Linda, is more known as Darling to her siblings. My boyfriend’s lola (also his dad’s mom) is also known as Darling! You’re the 3rd person I know who’s grandma from the dad’s side is also named Darling!!! Let’s form a “My lola from my dad’s side is named Darling” organization.. or at least, a Friendster account! =P

was the term “darling” something common before? could have been a really hip name.

yeah i love my family. we’re so plenty – and the fun thing is that most of my cousins are of the same age!

and wow, you’re still awake to post at a time like this? 😀 gimme your YM!

cool! we have our Foz reunion on Jan 1 too! looking at your pics, next year, i’ll suggest an outdoor day picture. because we usually take ours after the “Foz Variety Show” which happens after dinner. which includes more confusion than usual because most of the people will be drunk. hehe.

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